Transfer Affection

I guess its fair to say that among the readers of Erotic Mind Control stories, that I’m fairly unique, in the sense that I see the Erotic side of things as a turn off, not as a turn on, as most readers would. Yes, for me, my main interests are a decent story line, and some cracking good mind control, but a good number are only there for the sex it generally leads to!

Of course, one of the main uses of mind control in these stories, is to get women, and indeed men, turned on in such a way that they either want sex with anyone, and everyone, or more usually with their master/mistress, or erstwhile controller. Me, the only way anyone will get me even in the slightest interest in sex, would be to mind control me!

Oh, and please, if you’re planning on doing it, I expect something far more techy than hypnosis, just saying… 😉 Hey, even better, please control my mind in a wonderfully technological way, but dont make me interested in sex! I know, I know, most people…lol!

Occasionally pop groups have delved indirectly into the whole mind control idea, not blatantly, but in a subtle way, through the lyrics and video, and tonight I have one of those for your delight. The clue is in the blog title, though the song is old enough (and minor hit enough) for most not to have recognised it already.

This version, according to a US friend, works everywhere, and gives you a clue in the song

This version, where it works (and I only can confirm UK on that, for obvious reasons) is the one for mind control lovers to enjoy

2 landmarks this week

Yes, I know, its been a while. Sorry, but I did warn you at least! Tomorrow will again be manic, then 3 days off, then it drops down to only being crazy level at work lol! Still, 5 weeks tomorrow, for 1 glorious week, I wont care, will be many thousands of miles from here in Seattle. Only snag will be the fact that I will have to come back 1 week later, but hey, I dont get much go my way in life!

As I say, there have been 2 landmarks this week that desrve mention, though many have noticed one, and her friends have noticed another, a much sadder one. Yes, I’m a year older numerically today, happy birthday and all that! At my age I probably dont need reminding about them anyway lol! I’ve had a nice day, but to be honest, not having to go to work was probably the best present I was going to get today anyway!

The other landmark date earlier this week that I mentioned is a much sadder one. It was one year ago on Tuesday that my dear friend Sara Castle left this life behind, dying of cancer. Sadly, only being a cyber friend, it was nearly a fortnight later that we got confirmation of the sad news that her friends all feared. I wanted to post about this on the blog on Tuesday, but 10 hour shifts, plus 3 hours travel rather kills off time for posting on things like this. So alright, a few days late, but has to be said, Sara Castle, RIP, and much missed by friends.

The video, well this goes back to an email I wrote to her father after we got the news. I lost count of the amount of times Sara promised me a photograph, but it never arrived. I asked her father if he had one, and if so, would he send it to me. He said if he could find one, he would, but nothing ever arrived, I’m sure that wasnt his priority anyway. So, this seems apt

I know, I posted it for something else here, but it just seems right for now

Its finally arrived!

No, not winter, though I’m told that there is a possibility of snow here, either at the weekend, or more likely the early part of next week. Sounds crazy given the temperatures have been up in the 70’s the last few days, but thats the wonder of the British weather for you! No, what arrived just over 2 hours ago was the photograph relating to one of the great, fun events of my holiday, the trip to Fenway Park with Kate.  Yes, its the picture taken just outside the stadium of the two of us, while we were waiting for them to open the gates and let us in. And no, I wont be posting it anywhere lol!

It seems to have taken forever to actually get here, but I guess ordering it at the start of a weekend, then add on time for international shipping etc, and…still seems a long time lol! Fortunately the one of me and James at the Aquarium (also not being posted) was purchased at the time, and brought home with me when I came back.

As far as I know, thats my travelling done for the year. Well other than commuting to work that is, lol! Oh, and a couple of trips out when I have my week off in November, but thats the long distance stuff over at least. Thankfully Expedia has ‘arrived’ on my laptop, and planning for next year (well April at least) has already started. Next September is sort of planned as well, but I’ll worry about that nearer the time!

The one sad thing thats arrived, the first Bills defeat of the season. Still, if you’d told me that it wouldnt happen to week 4, before the season had started, I’d have taken it lol!

Oh, and finally, the corny video link, because I’m no longer waiting for that photo to arrive