Using just a little time.

To be fair, even before all my issues started with my brain, I was always capable of a blonde moment or 6. As for now, well, what do you reckon, lol? Well, today was the amusing one, shall we say?

Basically, I have to be ready to leave home by transport provided by hospital 2 hours before my treatment. So, ‘smart redhead’ thought she’d put them all on her Google calendar thing, but work on starting the appointment 2 hours before the treatment, but… If you put in the time of the appointment instead, so someone is still in her pyjamas when the transport arrives, oops! Thankfully, you’d be amazed how quickly I can get changed when I need to, so with the help of an obliging transport driver, crisis averted!

In fact, because he arrived 20 minutes into the 2 hour period, I arrived at the hospital with an hour to spare, and because the machine was available, I ended up getting my treatment 40 minutes early! Unfortunately, due to several accidents, and breakdowns, the journey home on the motorway wasnt express, but such is life. But I was still home 5 minutes later than when ‘dumb blonde’ me thought my treatment was due to start!

Right, video time. The irony here is that the female singer is neither the woman who sang on the original single, or the lady who replaced her. But she does a good job, so…

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