Eating a little sausage

Well, I have to say that if this blog title cant get me a few extra views, I need to give up! Just to add though, that if I do have any readers who arent into weird subject matter, firstly, why are you hear, and secondly, you might want to avoid the video, as its a little suggestive, to put it mildly, but other than that…

Today, for the first time, but definitely not the last time in the 6 week period of radiotherapy, I had an early appointment, 9.00 to be exact. Might add that tomorrow is at 8.45, so… This means, as I’m not allowed to eat for 4 hours before treatment, I had to pass on breakfast food before leaving here this morning. Therefore, post treatment, I went to the Costa cafe, looking for something to nibble on, as well as a coffee, for my breakfast before coming home. What, you mean the blog title wasnt enough to hint this might be naughty, and suggestive, well…? Oh fine, I was served by a rather cute lady, not a guy, but I cant fix matters like that, lol!

Given this was before 9.30 (I have no idea when they remove breakfast items) in the morning, all the traditional hot breakfast items were on offer. So the big choice was bacon, or sausage roll, and you should have worked out which one I chose today. Probably have bacon tomorrow, but lets wait and see on that.

It probably didnt help that about 10-15 minutes earlier I’d been laying on a bed, wearing a plastic mask, while the radiotherapy machine did its work on me, but yes, I did have a naughty fit of giggles at the idea of eating sausage, even if it was voluntary, rather than anything the machine had made me do. 3 sausages in the roll, arent I a naughty girl, lol?

I was asked if I wanted any sauce with the sausages, though as far as I know she meant tomato ketchup, or brown sauce, rather than anything more saucy, or err, sticky! To be fair, at the age of 61, with my looks, I doubt very much that anyone would have any desire to turn me into their sausage sucking sex slave, anyway, lol!

OK, video time. The funny thing is that this shows how times have changed in the last 40 years. Back then, this song got banned for its suggestive lyrics, now it sounds terribly tame, but fine, it came to mind as the perfect song, anyway. Unless it was tamed down for public performance, but knowing Ian Dury, I doubt it?


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