When all is said, and on the way to done

In many ways, it would have been more apt to write this tomorrow, but hey, whats a day between friends. Why, for those asking, because 12th March was the first seizure, and sign of the cancer growth, though because I just passed out upstairs in my room, and just went to bed when I was found, and thought no more of it. Of course, 3 days later in Blackpool, aboard a tram started the journey to where we are today, and more importantly, to where we will be in a couple of months or so.

History of course now shows it wasnt actually epilepsy as suggested at the time, it was the cancer growth, but I’m certainly not starting a blame game on anyone in Blackpool based on that, but equally I’m glad we now know what it really was, that most of it is now gone, and within a couple of months, the last little bit will have done the same too.

Yesterday marked the making of the mask that will be used to direct the radiotherapy to where it needs to go for 6 weeks, commencing on the 28th October, which means the last actual session should be on the 6th December, though that will then be the start of the 4-6 week period that my body will need to recover from everything, for sure. Yes, about 10 months on from that first sign that something wasnt right!

And yes, one date I’m definitely looking at, as a landmark is that weekend in March, one year on from when it all started, to be back in Blackpool for 2-3 days as a suitably perverse way of ‘celebrating’ the anniversary. Currently, its only a target, but given it will be about 2 months from the end of the recovery period, why not use it as a target? I know, Blackpool isnt a glamour capital of the world for sure, but fine, I can build up to Hollywood, and dealing with Mr Berkeley (joke) again in time. And yes, Blackpool, and a tram journey definitely makes a fine first target, under the circumstances. After that, in time, well…?

So, for at least a fortnight, if you’re good, the 2 blogs (for those who know about both) might go back to being about different subjects, though not quite sure what they will be at this moment in time. But yes, I’ll be trying very hard to avoid politics, if not harder, believe me!

OK, video time. Funnily enough, the one thing the 2 blogs do have in common today is the pop group for the videos, though different songs. This was one of those weird, late Abba songs, when the couples had actually broken up, but before the end of the group, and it looks it, and definitely sounds it. As I say, for me, its not quite said and done, but its getting closer, for sure

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