OK, I did promise…

Now forgive me if this isnt perfect English, or gets a repeat or two, but anyway… and for those who do both blogs, it will be one version for both, so no point reading both. If you subscribe to both, whatever…

I might try and cover a few recent events in next few days, but politics on both sides of pond will not be among them, believe me… both because I’m not allowed stress, and we dont all agree on matters (I have blocked 2 people on my Social Media for 30 days for awful postings, if they werent work related, would be gone), easier just to go without.

As was stated, I went for an MRI at Huddersfield Hospital on the last stay, as a result of which, they found a growth on a part of the brain. For all the talk about the NHS over here, from here, referral to the expert department in Leeds was arranged very quickly. From there, entry into hospital to deal with it was also rapid, for biopsy primarily, though they did say that any growth that was easy to deal with would also be got out.

The latter was all done on Monday, I was released on Thursday back home. Provisional feelings are that March was first sign of it, so results look promising, but it will be the end of week before I know more, so no point making comments asking! Follow up, and plan visit will almost certainly be Wednesday, but to cover me…

Plan, and next step will depend on results, just saying, so see above. Brain gets better every day slowly. Mobility is awful, but thats my spine issue, not this. Until Wednesday, I’m not certain if my spine pills are compatible with stuff for brain, so laying off until I can ask then. Equally, I will only make decisions on things like work after meeting, and see a timetable, and plan. Though as my wonderful benefits lady, and a wonderful lady here as pointed out, 2 medicals (benefits and incapacity) passed would settle that matter just on spine damage, regardless. Both are sure I would pass in a negative sense/fail (depending on how you look at it) them anyway, so can do the medical option if I wish to.

I will do a couple of follow ups on this, but be patient. One at some point after follow up, so probably end of week, or next weekend. The other will be after talking things over with friends, and my unofficial family as to what route I go after this, but until I have all the info, and a plan, no point doing so. That might be a few weeks at least, just saying…

Oh, and to finish on something different, more for my US friends, but anyway…

Dodgers are in the Baseball playoffs again, hopefully this year, one step better? And in NFL, Bills are 3-0 till tonight, though I doubt that unbeaten record will last the visit of Kate’s Patriots tonight (my time), same as her college team took our unbeaten record last night. Still love her, and her support regardless, lol.

As I say, no video, but I’m not sure how many watch them anyway!



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