A horror weekend

No, before anyone shows concern, this isnt a bad weekend for me health wise, that happened a couple of weeks ago, lets face it. Its just that I wanted to do a piece for Memorial Day (even though I’m British) on the other blog, which means that ideally I want to put something up here too. So…

Yesterday, as mentioned on the other blog, was World Vampire Day. Nothing as exciting as the offer to get bitten by a vampire if you fancied it (and I would), but it was the anniversary of the date of release of Stoker’s book about Dracula. Fine, I’m past the point of innocent young virgin, but hey, a willing victim must be worth something?

The other horror item of note, conveniently is today, its Vincent Price’s birthday, his 108th, if still alive, the master of so many horror movies. Well, supposedly he passed away in 1993, but would anyone be surprised if he still lived, as a zombie, or a vampire, or something? No, sure not me!

I never met Price, unsurprisingly, so I have no idea if he seemed really nice, or really creepy in real life. Most likely, it was all part of the act, but I really dont know. The other thing I really remember Price movies for, is something called the Tingler, which was a corny horror movie, from 1959, which involved a parasite that thrived on, and fed on human fear. In certain cinemas, a number of seats were primed with small electric shock devices, which were set off in co-ordination with the parasite feeding on people in the movie. Of course, the desired squeals, and screams from audience members were obtained. Yes, I’d love it, goes without saying. For more details


OK, video time. Whats the classic Vincent Price music movie moment? Why, Thriller, and the Rap, of course. I’m only posting the relevant scene here

But for those prepared to enjoy the whole 14 minutes, please find it here. Please note, normally I check a film is working before posting, but due to length, not done here. So if it sticks, dont moan at me!

2 thoughts on “A horror weekend”

  1. Yes, I noticed it was World Vampire Day from your post yesterday. I read it and immediately forgot it again. Sorry about that. However, much as I don’t know anything about vampires, I do understand your volunteering your neck (or whatever) is not necessary. In fact, your permission is not necessary. I’m sorry, but you’ve just got to be lucky, and if you are, try the lotto. You’ll probably be able to get someone to do that to you with enough cash incentive.

    And as for Vincent still walking around? That’s a really good idea. Perhaps you could turn it into a story?

    I didn’t know about The Tingler. That is really interesting and shocking. Thanks for mentioning it. Did you fall for it back in the day? What’s it like having a voltage across your arse at a crucial moment?


    1. I know about the vampire thing, I only wish I could strike lucky, but I suspect they look for healthier blood than mine is likely to be now!
      The Tingler movie was made in 1959, when I was 1, so no, I never saw it, with, or without special effects. I also suspect they only did that trick in the US, anyway. Having a low voltage across your rear doesnt do much, the area is pretty well padded. There are a few other places where its a whole lot of fun, mind! 😉

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