Camping fashion?

No, seriously, this has nothing to do with camping, tents, or anything like that. In truth, a couple of these are suitable for a robot look for me, the other 2, well a chorus line dancer like Clara Johnson probably wore something just like these, especially given some of the strange outfits (or lack of outfits) that she was expected to wear.

Seems that last night, the Met Gala happened, with a ‘Camp clothing’ theme, though I have no idea where my invite went missing? No, I havent got the capacity, or time to show you all the crazy outfits, and I think 4 is being pretty wild, but anyway, yes, I would love to wear any of these, given the chance, in my size!

Lets not waste time, lets get down to the 2 robot ones. Seriously, the first one looks just like a robot being charged by electricity. The other is a ‘tamer’ silver dress, but still wouldnt shame a robot, all the same.

silver dress2silver dress

In truth, the first of these looks just like something that chorus line girls (almost) wore all too often in the musicals, and the second looks like something out of a crazed Berkeley, or De Mille moment

30's showgirlred dress

Oh darlings, I’d love to wear any of those, and please don’t ask me to choose! First silver one if I really must, but any, or all…swoon!

Oh to be famous, and to get to invited to events like this, and wear outfits like these, but anyway…

OK, video time. Live Bowie, says it all!

2 thoughts on “Camping fashion?”

  1. I find it interesting how people see the same things differently. For instance, I see that first thing you mention as something Inca-ish, based on Quetzelcoatl or similar. Consequently I’m disappointed not to see anything resembling ripped out human hearts as a reference to their sacrifices. However, that tamer silver dress reminds me of daleks. I hope that’s close enough for you.

    Now, which one of those dresses, obviously apart from the silver one, would you choose?

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    1. Yes, I think the silver cap nails that first outfit for me in truth, a place to keep the circuitry. And yes, I thought Daleks too, with that second one. And that I would pick, if I have to pick just one, though I so want to wear the first one of the other pair, its so 30’s chorus girl, I have to love it. But fine, the Dalek one is full length, more suitable, and more robot, so…

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