When a man needs a woman?

And no, the video isnt Percy Sledge, because I’ve only just thought of the blog title, but anyway…

I know, in these days of feminism, and the like, I should want to be equal to my man (or woman, in my case, bi), but fine, I’m a submissive at heart. So fine, if a man wants to control me, ideally literally, then thats good by me. Not that I could see a man with those skills wanting a plain, middle aged lady like me, if he had such a choice in the matter. But fine, when a guy like Roman comes along, and takes control of everything like this


Oh fine, I’d love it! To be fair, my chances of finding any man are pretty slim, but a man who could do that to women? Yeah, why would he bother with me? But fine, a man who could quite literally make me swoon like that for him, or be his maid (probably more my scene, in truth), where can I find one? 😉 One with a robot fetish would just be heaven!

Offers to robotunit8@hotmail.com and I dont expect to be crushed in the rush!

Right, video time. Found this recent live video of the song, as I did use a 1968 video when I used this song before, so even though that was 3 years ago, a new version…

But for those who prefer the ‘clean’ version…

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