Attacked from behind!

Today saw me travelling down south for Christmas, a journey that on the whole passed calmly enough. until an escalator going down to the Thameslink station at St Pancras.

I heard a woman shouting loudly up above me, and next thing, a very large suitcase crashed into me from behind. I have no idea if she was trying to warn me, or whatever, but… Fortunately I had my boots on, and to be honest, they took all the hit, not my legs, thank goodness. If I’d had shoes on, and that had hit me in the back of my legs, I hate to think.

Anyway, a short while later, a member of staff at the station came up to me, asked if I was OK, and confirmed that, barring a bit of surprise, I was fine. No, the woman involved in the incident wasnt with him, but someone else was, so clearly they’d seen the incident, and tipped him off.

Fine, and finally, to cut a short story short, there is no video tonight, as you can gather, I’m away for a few days, and dont have headphones, so cant check that videos are playing OK, as per normal. So tonight, you can either have a little peace, or you can go on You Tube, and make your own choice, lol.

But yes, I could do with some protective armour, or robot outfit, for good purposes now!


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