That first lesbian crush?

Strictly, I’m not sure who was my first teenage lesbian crush, as there were 3 thoroughly innocent young ladies who probably attracted my eye, and had me wondering if it had to be a boyfriend for me. One that I’m sure none other than a few elderly Brits might have heard of, was Stacy Dorning, at that time of Black Beauty fame. The other 2 were even more impossible for me back then, as they were American, and therefore so far away. One was Mary Elizabeth McDonough, of Waltons fame, which is the one looking back, that I cant quite work out. Maybe she was just cute, or something, to my teenage eyes? The last of the trio, and the one that is pertinent to tonight, was Cindy Williams, of Happy Days, and of course, Laverne and Shirley fame! The first 2 make sense, much my age, but Cindy is actually about 10 years older than me, but besides that…

Of course, her co star in Laverne and Shirley was Penny Marshall, who has just passed away at the age of 75. Not only did she have a decent career as an actress of course, she went on to an even more acclaimed career as a film director! A League Of Her Own, and Big, to just mention a couple.

I guess its fair to say I would have happily swapped places with Penny in the TV series, but was never to be. In fact, the one who left before the end of the run was Cindy, but besides all that…

So, RIP Penny, and thanks for the marvellous work you did. But please, if you read this in heaven, dont look down on me, or Cindy, and laugh at the thought of me, and her… Pretty sure you wouldnt!

OK, video time. The opening credits, and theme song to Laverne and Shirley, nothing very original there!

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