The lullaby of Broadway (shopping centre)

Its fair to say that nearly a century on, its nigh impossible for us to comprehend the life of a Broadway Baby, as per the song, though I’m sure there are young ladies who live that sort of lifestyle, even now. I guess its fair to say that the professional escorts that we have nowadays probably do a very similar service to what the ‘Babies’ provided, other than that generally today, they will do the serving of their ‘buyer’ for the night, and only that night, whereas back then, its fair to assume that most of the young ladies (strictly all) would have been faithful to their ‘daddy’, and probably benefited from that fact.

Its also a well known fact that any number of pretty young chorus dancers, ended up retiring from the business, to marry a wealthy older man, and have their children. Some of those marriages even lasted a period of time. Now I’m not going to say Clara Johnson was an angel, and never did anything like that, because I’d be shocked if she didnt! Who knows, maybe she did exactly the same when she retired from the dancing industry in the late 30’s. Just because it didnt ‘sound’ like she did, I’m not saying she didnt!

Anyway, this morning, I might have given the impression of being a Broadway Baby type, as I headed through Bradford to come home after the dinner last night, I stayed over in town, rather than stressing my body more than I have to. And fine, with my faux fur coat, my tousled ‘just out of bed’ look (I forgot to take a comb, so sue me!), and an overnight bag, maybe I gave that sort of impression, at just after 9 in the morning.

Look I got from the bus driver, as I purchased my ticket, and tried to look cute, he seemed to think I had done just that. So fine, I’m a minx, I played along with it, OK? And yes, OK, it was fun! No, I slept alone last night, even if I was in a nice hotel double bed! And yes, I was in bed soon after 11, not up until the early morning too!

Thats not to say it wouldnt be fun to find myself in said ‘Broadway Baby’, or ’30’s chorus girl’ type scenario’s if I was younger, mind? I certainly wouldnt mind a ‘sugar daddy, mummy, or partner’ right now, shall we say? šŸ˜‰ So, if anyone wants to offer…?

OK, video time. 2 for the price of one, of sorts, both from Gold Diggers of 1935. Yes, apt, as I was suspected of being a Gold Digger this morning, lol. Firstly, the song, as performed in the movie

Secondly, just under 3 minutes of the tap dance sequence that followed the song. The whole piece lasted over 13 minutes, but this is the best combination I can find. Yes, Clara Johnson is tapping for her life in this

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