A little glass of alcohol

One of the things that I was told that I needed to give up when I went on all my painkillers, was alcohol. Fair enough, I have never been that much of a drinker in truth, though I used to enjoy the occasional glass of wine, or a vodka and coke, or something, most of the time I could live without it, and so it never bothers me all that much.

In fact, the only time I have drunk alcohol, since I started on them, was at a friends wedding, due to the fact I was taking it very easy, and it was very warm, I decided to try to go without for 3 days (suggested clean period) before her wedding if I could, so I could celebrate properly on the day. Yes, because of the above, I made it, though being maid of honor, it wasnt that long after I got back to the hotel post reception that I needed to take one again!

Christmas, I drank wine, but it was the no alcohol one (I know, its not perfect, but so minimal I was fine, and besides I didnt have to go anywhere if I had got sleepy), which was fine. My birthday, given I was in the freezing UK, I stuck to soft drinks, even on my 60th! Arent I good, lol?

The only time I’m really going to miss it, well, one of those comes up later this month. One of those times I’ve always enjoyed a glass of wine, is when eating dinner, flying across the Atlantic, but it wont be happening. To be blunt, I know people who take the same painkillers as me, do drink, seem to be fine, but hey, I’m a good, obedient ‘robot’, so…

But yes, what amused me today was the Airline I am flying with, later this month, had a free giveaway on social media today, and one of the prizes was a bottle of champagne, on your flight. No, I have no idea what I would have done if I’d won (it was free to enter) that, though I wouldnt have minded the main prize, of US air tickets. No, in the end, I didnt win anything, hardly surprising with me, and my luck to be fair. But yes, these contests, it does amuse me that they seem to just assume that everyone can drink! Ah well…

Video time, and take your choice. Same song, one the original lineup miming to a soundtrack. A glass of a kind of alcohol…

And secondly, a more recent live performance, where in fact, all but the lead singer are the same people!

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