You know how to please me?

Let me say that I’m currently on a bit of a subject drought for these, now I’m doing 3 a week, instead of 2, so if anyone has any suitable ideas for subjects they’d like me to discuss (excluding anything UK politics related), feel free to either post in comments here, or send them to , and if they appeal, I might just go with them!

This morning I got to see last nights baseball game between LA Angels, and Kansas City in the latter city. To say the weather was interesting for baseball would be putting it mildly. It would be fair to say that the second half of the game was played, quite literally in a snowstorm! Mind, its not exceptional, as apparently recently, a game there at the beginning of May had the same issue! They did get through, but you couldnt see a lot of anyone’s faces, shall we say? 😉

In truth, only a matter of just over a fortnight into the season, and lots of games have been postponed due to the weather. To say this hasnt been helped by the fact that the season started even earlier this year, to try and give more rest days for the players during the season, but in truth, a good number of these have come after the season would normally have started too. Snag is, now all these extra built in rest days for some teams arent going to happen, because of making up all their lost games in the future.

Of course, if sanity had prevailed, the MLB should have scheduled most of the games for the first couple of weeks away from the ‘frozen north’, though I guess that would have then caused issues late in the season for the warmer weather teams in having no home game revenues later in the season as they tried to compensate. But yes, seriously, games in Detroit, Minneapolis and Cleveland at the beginning of April, oops! You may have noticed Toronto missing from this list, which is even colder, but of course has a stadium that can shut a roof, and solve climate issues that way!

But yes, believe me, you wouldnt get me at a baseball game in a snow storm! Only once have I been to a game where the temperatures couldnt get out of the low 40’s, but that was minor league, in Rochester, in April! That was more than enough. Oh, 4 of their first 5 games, cancelled due to the weather!

Ah well, Seattle will hopefully be warmer, and besides, they have a retractable roof, so I should be fine this year. Famous last words!

Right, video time. Some live glam rock from the 70’s! Yes, its hard to find film from those days, has to be said. So who wants to Skweeze me, lol?

2 thoughts on “You know how to please me?”

  1. Excluding anything UK politics related? That leaves out a lot of the fun.

    OK then, how about…

    US politics
    French politics
    German politics
    just go through the whole EU at your leisure (and every American I’ve heard pronounces leisure wrong).
    Space travel
    SF (note, this is not sci fi. There is a difference. sci fi is cowboys and Indians in space. SF is interesting and thought provoking.
    Huddersfield – history and community
    Religion of all types. That will get you some views, no doubt about that.
    Fashion, especially flapper fashion. EG, are there any flapper styles/ideas about today?
    The intricacies of modern British public travel. You’ve already started this one somewhere.
    Manhole covers. I’ll leave the definition of ‘manhole’ up to you.
    Why the foot fetish is so prevalent.
    Neanderthal culture.
    Denisovan culture.
    Why some people just don’t like football.
    What makes a person of one country a lover of another country.
    Scottish culture. Also Welsh and Irish culture, Irish being split into the two types as appropriate.
    Writing books, technical aspects.
    Writing short stories, technical aspects.
    Growing grass.
    There’s more, but I’m getting bored now. Maybe later?


  2. You know full well that because of my job that UK politics is a total no no, and given most of that relates into European stuff, pretty much cant touch that either. There are a few there that could work there though!


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