An apt winter coat

Oh fine, I took a look at the title of the blog, and I thought that, just for once, I should write something with relevance to that. Hopefully the levity will amuse some, though if anyone wants to design me a winter coat like this, I wouldnt say no!

A coat I’ve always fancied owning, but have never bought (only once saw one in a charity shop, and that was 3 sizes too small for me), unsurprisingly, is one of those puffa/puffer (both spellings work on Google) jackets in metallic silver. I know, pay the proper price, and just buy one, but thats not really my style, when you can get a pretty new, winter coat in a charity shop for a fraction of the real price!

In truth, of course, said jacket wouldnt be long enough for a robot wannabee like me, if I was being honest. I’d ideally love one that was full length, or at least went down to knee area, instead of waist. No, as far as I know, they dont exist! Oh, and of course, with a full head hood as well! 😉

Currently I’d prefer it either thermally lined, or electrically warmed, but maybe thats just getting greedy? Oh, and gloves to match, of course, as an added extra! Maybe a matching silver mask might be a little over the top lol? Fun though, all the same!

But yes, if anyone knows of a nice warm, full length, metallic silver coat, please let me know. Even Miss Miserly of Yorkshire might add to her budget for that, within reason! 😉 Mind, I suppose now, by the time I get it, winter might be over, but even so…?

OK, video time. Well, in truth, I couldnt think of anything apt. So lets roll with something silly, that I’m never, ever going to fit into a blog in the normal fashion. It shows my age that I remember when this first came out. Let me add that neither the singer, or the guy miming here (they were different people) were named Jack Smith. The guy miming, is Bill Moeller. The person who whistled the song, take your choice from about half a dozen people, but none was Moeller!

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