Its nice to know how you feel!

Let me say that this post is meant in jest, but given I was lacking subject material tonight (feel free to send ideas), I thought I’d roll with this, and hope Betsy doesnt kill me for doing it. In truth, the story is really good, and if you love well written, sharply done enslavement stories, with a dose of dry humor, this could well be for you. I will warn you, she does have a thing for including ‘body matters’ in her story, so if that sort of thing might put you off, consider yourself warned. The link for the whole story is but its Chapter 3 I’m focusing on tonight.

No, the last thing I expect from Betsy is forewarning of any element relating to myself, I think we both prefer it when I only find out when I get to that point in the story. So, when I came across this point today…

The two girls, presumably trainees or there for work experience, were talking softly to each other but stopped at our entrance and checked the animals for deviations. Not one of the animals was talking or even making a sound when we entered. In fact, they never made a sound the whole time we were there.

I didnt think any more of it, other than as info for the story. But then, a few paragraphs later, I found this…

Everything calmed down for a second or two, during which time Abbey the cunt ordered Steph the cunt and Clara the cunt to set up the emergency stall. The girls ran off to obey, taking the long way round in order to stay well away from their new charge.

Dont take the cunt stuff too seriously, Gillian, the lady in the story seems to call most people by that term of endearment lol!

But yes, to many, Steph is my name (and is still my middle name), and Clara is of course my well known past life name, both of which she knows, so the chances of that being coincidence, pretty slim! Yes, I roared with laughter, in case you were wondering! We have a wonderful online relationship, which tends to involve winding each other up at times, and this was seemingly one of them. As to this

Those girls were competent and worked as a team. I remembered that. If I got out here Iā€™d have to kill them quickly.

Well, its nice to have some warning lol, not that I can move at any speed at present, anyway!

In truth, I always find it fun when I get these unexpected moments in stories, especially from Betsy, probably because they are less than respectful, I love them more!

Right, video time, a witty response to that lovely lady, with a song nearly as old as me!

5 thoughts on “Its nice to know how you feel!”

  1. Sorry, but I’ve just found this post. Methinks I should tone down everything else I do. Well, perhaps. Or perhaps not? I’ll think about it.

    And, yes, I know it’s meant in ‘jest’ and I know you know that and I know you know I know you know that. That’s why I’ll try harder next time to get you annoyed. I’m writing one now in which you already know you’ll recognise a couple of characters. Perhaps my character ‘Robot-Man’ will interact with one of yours? Or maybe not. Robot-Man has a characteristic I’ve not seen before (although, no doubt, there are hundreds of examples out there, but I’m carrying on in my own sublime ignorance). Robot-Man will seriously disable at least one main character in my story. And, unlike a lot of such stories, mine are researched and are real-world specific and include real life blood and gore and wee and poo, as well as a tear or three.

    Hmmm? The ‘cunt’ usage in ‘Auction’ is not a term of endearment. Gillian was using it unconsciously to reinforce her determination to damage these people a lot. So, do take the ‘cunt’ stuff seriously.

    Now, Steph and Clara got away in ‘Auction’. Maybe a follow up will detail what happens to them? As far as I remember, our heroine, Gillian, only managed to get two of her enemies. Steph and Clara escaped. Maybe a sequel will detail what happens to Steph and Clara when Gillian finally catches them. Gillian is also not a nice character to know, so, perhaps she’ll think up something exquisite for them? She has plenty of time to do that now. It won’t be the spur of the moment she had for the other two. Anyway, ‘Auction’ needs a rewrite. It should be much more betterer than it is.


    1. Thats fine, get here when you can, its why the blogs stay up here forever lol. Yes, some of your real life stuff goes a bit too far for me at times, but we’re all different (until turned into robots šŸ˜› ) so thats fine.

      Oh dont worry, I know the cunt term wasnt an endearment, but unless something happened I dont know about, its not actually aimed at me! As to the sequel, no complaints from me, as I’d love to know what their fate was. Not sure Auction needs a rewrite, but thats authors choice, so I must obey her wishes… šŸ˜‰


  2. As for the ‘Auction’ rewrite, I had a comment from a friend of mine who said it might be improved by having Jilly’s point of view scattered throughout the story. On thinking on’t, I agree with her. Anyway, I’ll leave it for now. I originally wrote it as a one off, without thought for a sequel, but some cunt, naming no names, speculated about one and put that thought into my mind. I may need to change ‘Auction’ to fit the sequel. That person, the one who put the idea of a sequel into my head, is well versed in mind control and knew exactly what she was doing, so it’s in my mind now. I have a long sequel story in my head and it’s still growing. Or maybe a small scale story with a lot of spin-offs? This is getting in the way of the story I’m writing now, and that person who put it in my head is to blame, naming no names to protect the guilty..


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