Hold on, to what we’ve got?

I guess if I was actually a movie star nowadays, like the one I took the name of, I wouldnt mind the insane salaries that they get paid nowadays. In truth, for her time, the money Harlow was getting a week was pretty crazy, even if you took the depression out of the equation. I have no idea how much Clara Johnson was making for her lesser roles, acting, dancing, and whatever, but I suspect it was enough for a decent life, if not a Hollywood, or Beverly Hills mansion!

Its been the same with music stars, I guess, though apart from a few names, most only have a short period of fame, and then the money just has to last as long as it can, assuming they havent blown it all already?

But yes, fine, this comment comes out of a sporting event over the weekend, and OK, it relates to LA, so…

To me, what some sporting people earn is just crazy money. Even the lower league soccer stars earn more in a week, than I do in a month, for just kicking a ball around. When you get to the Premier League stars, and the stars of some of the US sports, well, it just goes crazy! I know, they’re good at their jobs, but $20 million plus, a year, seriously? I know, if I was male, and good at one of these sports, but, from the outside?

After this weekend, the NFL finally got round to the first coach sacking of the season, Jeff Fisher, at the LA Rams. The crazy thing, he’s only just been given an extension to his contract, so thats about $8 million he’s made, for about a fortnight of work! But the NFL is so loaded with money that even though I’m sure the owner will hate writing that money off, its an insignificant amount, in a billion dollar business! I know, football especially is a dangerous sport, careers are short, but…? Mind, the basketball, and baseball players earn equally insane amounts, but at least they work for a larger portion of the year to earn it!

But fine, the thing that amused me the most about an article on the CBS webpage on this, and the possible dismissal of the General Manager as well in the near future, was the talk of a woman in one of these roles, though I’m pretty sure they mean GM, not Coach! They then proceeded to give a list of 10 suitable names for the latter role, not one of them a woman! I know, I’m hopelessly not qualified, but if (seemingly when) it comes up, I’d be tempted to apply, just to shake up the old boys network. As I say, I wont get it, not qualified, no great experience, but…

Would any woman really stand a chance for a role like that, even if they were perfect for the job, and did apply? Hmm?

Yes, I’ll go back to dreaming of being offered a small theater, or movie part, and leave it at that, I guess! 😉

Video time. What the Rams didnt do in the title, and some would say, what they are now living on.

Pretty Woman?

Oh fine, this version of the blog about last night came about because of a photo that a workmate, and friend posted on Facebook today, of supposedly another workmate, and friend ‘pulling’ on the night, after I’d left them, and gone home. No, I doubt it was anything of the sort, but who knows? I might find out more tomorrow, but until then…

One of the things in movies that has always made me laugh, is that moment where the wealthy guy falls for the less well off woman, and whisks her off to a whole new life. Or as in the case of the title, the lady was err, working on the street, shall we say?

No, I’m certain it never happens in real life, and is certainly not going to happen to anyone as plain, or old as me, even if it did! But fine, I wonder how I would react, if I did…? Pretty sure I would think someone was having me on, with a joke, for sure! But if some wealthy man, or woman (who would surely need his eyes tested?) did fall for me, and offer to whisk me away somewhere else, in his plane, or whatever, and really meant it, hmm?

Oh fine, especially if he/she was nicely dominant, I’d love it, but yes, I would be looking for the film crew, to tell me it was a joke, at least until I was on his plane, I guess? Yes, last night, the only man looking out for me (and that was purely technical) was the bus driver on the bus back from Bradford last night, after the works dinner.

The dinner was great, I’ve been very lucky with my new job, and who I get to work with, so last night was a lot of fun. Fine, I had to come home after the meal (Next year, I might get a hotel for the night, even if it seems silly), but it was good while it lasted. But yes, when the others went off for a drink (the restaurant was no alcohol), I went off to find a bus driver to get me home! But as I say, pictures I’ve seen since, it looks like they had fun!

OK, video. I know, its 2 weeks to Christmas, and its a non Christmas song, but you’ll survive. Lets face it, I’ve used all the best ones before, anyway. So as the title suggests, a little bit of Roy Orbison. To be fair, thats quite a band he has for this!

They sold us a dream of Christmas

Oh fine, just a quick one, but for the wrong reason, it gives me the chance to put up the video for what is probably my favourite Christmas song of all time, because I’m perverse like that.

Back in the 1970’s I was more into Glam Rock, than Prog Rock, so the likes of King Crimson, and ELP (with the exception of ‘Fanfare for a common man’) pretty much passed me by. But in those good old days, before X Factor and the like, the leading acts went crazy at Christmas, and issued records specifically aimed at that time of year. Fine, Slade and Wizzard might have been more serious attempts than say, The Wombles, but anyway…

Then in 1974, along came the song that for want of a better term, was the antithesis of the standard Christmas hit. The one looking at the cynical commercialisation of the event, and a jaded look at all the wars going on in the world at that time. Yes, Greg Lake. Amazing thing is, how many dont realise it is anti the traditional Christmas scene, especially in shops at this time of year.

Anyway, yesterday, I heard the sad news, Greg has died at 69, another victim of cancer. So yes, you’re getting the obvious RIP tribute song from me.

Can we stop the NFL?

I know that strictly, its not the fault of the NFL, because lets face it, how were they to know that things would work out like this, and besides, even if they had, there is only so much they could do, when the fixture list is played out as it is?

The one thing I’ve heard a lot of this year, is that TV ratings for NFL games are down, quite a lot in some cases. I know there are always going to be some really good games, a few less than great games, but currently, in truth, we’re sandwiched between a pair of shockers at present.

On Sunday, the 2 win Chicago Bears hosted the 1 win San Francisco 49ers. Yes, the fact we’re 12 games into the season shows how bad they are. To be fair to Chicago, they at least looked like they were prepared to fight for their future, and won comfortably, 26-6. Yes, San Francisco looked like a team for whom the end of the season couldnt come quickly enough. I only feel sorry for the people who paid large sums of money to see them play, but given most of those were from Chicago, I’m sure they didnt mind too much.

This morning, I had the misfortune to watch the highlights of the Monday night game, between the Indianapolis Colts, and the 3 win New York Jets, in New York. It has to be said, the attitude of the Jets players made the 49ers look enthusiastic! Oh, they lost 41-3, and it didnt deserve to be that close! What a top team might have scored, I dread to think! And given this game was in New York, it was the locals who paid large sums of money to see that shocking performance. The only consolation for me, Jon Gruden!

So guess what the Football Gods have thrown up for next week? Yes, you’ve guessed it, the New York Jets are travelling to…San Francisco! Well, strictly, Santa Clara, but thats where they play nowadays. Will both teams turn up, let alone care about the result? I know, depressing. But again, the people I feel most sorry for, are the people spending large sums of money for tickets, for a game that neither team seems to care about, beyond getting their pay packet!

And the NFL wonder why ratings are down? Fine, rant over!

The video is a Christmas one, though its not really a Christmas one, at the same time. No, not Greg Lake, but the other one!

All I Want For Christmas Is…

Yes, we’ve reached December already, and I’m sure everybody is looking forward to finding out what I want for Christmas…not! Well, at least one of these items is (as far as I know) not actually available, and another would require someone with more money, than sense, but yes, a few of these would be fairly cheap, but I still dont expect anyone to want to know an address to send them to, somehow. But if you do, you have 3 weeks, so… 😉

Firstly, lets start with the ‘you have no chance’ item, because its a silly place to start. Yes, that wicked woman named Betsy has struck again, by making me wear what sounds like the ultimate robot suit in her story this week. If anyone wants to know, or create anything like it, here’s the link

That takes you straight to the relative chapter, arent I kind?

In truth, I’d love any reasonable robot suit to wear, ideally one that will control my movements, or make them more robotic at least. Yes, one that takes control of all thinking processes would be amazing, but fine, not really likely, is it? 😉 But yes, any creative robot suit look, just write for measurements lol!

Then lets do the ‘If someone has more money, than sense’ option, then the obvious option is to pay for me to fly to LA next May, in as much luxury as possible. Oh, and a nice hotel/apartment to stay in, for 10 days of course! Yes, I know equally not going to happen, but at least it could be done, if someone has too much money laying around!

Yes, we go downhill fast lol. Next is the ‘generous benefactor’ option, though sadly, unlike Marion Davies, I dont have a Hearst figure in my life! Its time to get my semi-perm make up topped up next year, and though I’m back in work, a financial boost to pay for something like this at the moment, would be handy, it will take a while to build the money up again for that.

Alright, we are now down to the cheap, and cheaper options. I have a collar I can wear at home, but would love something I could wear out to work, and things. Yes, the very large, and solid metal collar I have doesnt qualify for that! Nor does the cute choker type one with ‘android’ written on it really work for that, either! But fine, I’d like something more subtle, but hopefully with a robot touch, if anyone knows, and wants to buy/make one for me. Beyond that, a lock for the collar would be cheap, and handy. I know, not expensive, and I ought to just get one now, but if anyone wants to feel like they own me?
Lastly, a decent mermaid tail blanket might be fun, I guess?

Oh, and lastly, the job offer I’d love, a theater run, or movie opportunity in the US, even with Trump in charge, oh please! Whats that, a job playing a robot? I wish! A Master, Mistress, or Partner, not sure anyone is that crazy!

The video, might be a clue in the title, just saying…

It only takes 30 minutes, girl

…to get home 45 minutes earlier. And today at work (much kudos), it only took a minute to change my working hours on a Friday, wow!

To be honest, quite honestly, when working 12-8, the last couple of hours can go quite slowly, phone call wise. Its fine, we get to do other admin work that needs doing, which is good, and suits me fine. And yes, on a Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday shift, it doesnt worry me, because the late start the next day, or in the case of Monday, a day off the next day, so battling home on the 8.12 bus doesnt bother me. Thing is, on a Saturday, we work between 9 and 4. Which means a late night on Friday, and an early one on a Saturday, not a good combination.

So last night, when we got very quiet, I asked if I could use some of the flexi time I’d built up, and go home half an hour early, given my shift this morning. Fine, I was allowed to do so, and because of the split, and things, not only did I get home 30 minutes earlier, I got home 45 minutes earlier! Wow!

Fine, I jokingly mentioned to the team leader on today, that if I could do 11.30 to 7.30 on a Friday only, it would be better for me, sleep wise, before Saturday morning. Next thing I know, she’s off to see her boss, and about a minute later, she’s back with a smile on her face, and the comment, sorted!

Yes, I know, I’ll lose that 30 minutes sleep on Friday morning, but yes, losing it spread over 2 nights has to be better, right?

Yes, has to be said, until the theaters, or Hollywood come calling (stop laughing, I know!), I think I’m in the right workplace! Quite amazing, took me so long to find anything, then I really fell on my feet like this!

You might be expecting Tavares, or Take That, but you’d be wrong on both counts! Its One Hundred Tons, and a Feather. Oh, fine, its Jonathan King, under one of his numerous identities, almost as many as Tony Burrows!