Christ is born!

Thought strictly, as that line is sung in Latin here, it might give you a clue to the song, if not the group singing it! No, not Steeleye Span!

And yes, here at least, Christmas Day is nearly over, but in American Samoa, its 8.26 in the morning, and presents probably arent even handed out yet! No, I have no idea what Christmas Day is like in American Samoa, nor am I ever likely to, but all the same…Samoa itself, 9.26 on Boxing Day, other side of the dateline, so…

For me, today has been quiet, apart from 2 cats I’m minding demanding food at very regular intervals. No, they’re not starved, though you would think they were, the noise they make! Presents so far, just one, a gift from America, from a lovely lady. Rest I will open tomorrow (the few there will be), when the others get back from the South of England, said I’d be a good girl and wait! That one present, oh fine, it is lovely, so…

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

No, the aliens have failed to deliver the flying saucer, the alien body suit, or the robotizing pod I hoped for, guess I will have to wait until next year, unless they’re delivering tomorrow too! 😛

One delight I found this afternoon, was an (almost) silent movie. Yes, they showed The Artist on TV over here today, and unsurprisingly, I lapped that up. Actually thought it was really well done, and can see why it won so many awards. I’d have to ask my former self if it was really true to the era, but it felt that way to me!

Anyway, to all my readers, however much of the day you have left, or dont have left, let me send my Christmas greetings to you.

Right, the video, you might have worked out by now that its Gaudete, at least. I found this version by chance on You Tube, but given its medieval roots, I liked the video style here, because lets face it, only monks sang it back then! I know its modern synthesizer music, but those bells give it the right sound, I guess? Suspect its something you either love, or hate, in all honesty.

2 thoughts on “Christ is born!”

  1. Hey there,

    I hope you are enjoying the season.

    One thing struck me about your post. That movie you wanted to see. That and your interests made me think of this one which you may like. Or you may not. That’s up to you to decide. It’s the movie Metropolis by Fritz Lang. Do you know it? Have you seen it? It’s, as far as I can see, the first SF movie and is complete with a robot that looks just like one of the females in the story – you may be interested in that.

    I don’t want to go in to too much detail in case you haven’t seen it and don’t know too much about it. One thing though, and this puts off most people I know, it’s an old black and white silent film. As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the all time bests. But one man I know is of the opinion that we have color now so all these black and white films should never be aired on TV (I never asked him what he thought of silent films, his head would have exploded), especially if it’s on the BBC as he has paid into that.

    Whatever, here’s a link …


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  2. Yes, not surprisingly, I know that film very well. In fact I’ve got a DVD (Moroder version) somewhere around here of it. The robot on the chair, wired up, is actually the wallpaper on my laptop. Yes, its a brilliant movie, seen it, err, a few times shall we say, but thanks for checking


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