Pretty Woman?

Oh fine, this version of the blog about last night came about because of a photo that a workmate, and friend posted on Facebook today, of supposedly another workmate, and friend ‘pulling’ on the night, after I’d left them, and gone home. No, I doubt it was anything of the sort, but who knows? I might find out more tomorrow, but until then…

One of the things in movies that has always made me laugh, is that moment where the wealthy guy falls for the less well off woman, and whisks her off to a whole new life. Or as in the case of the title, the lady was err, working on the street, shall we say?

No, I’m certain it never happens in real life, and is certainly not going to happen to anyone as plain, or old as me, even if it did! But fine, I wonder how I would react, if I did…? Pretty sure I would think someone was having me on, with a joke, for sure! But if some wealthy man, or woman (who would surely need his eyes tested?) did fall for me, and offer to whisk me away somewhere else, in his plane, or whatever, and really meant it, hmm?

Oh fine, especially if he/she was nicely dominant, I’d love it, but yes, I would be looking for the film crew, to tell me it was a joke, at least until I was on his plane, I guess? Yes, last night, the only man looking out for me (and that was purely technical) was the bus driver on the bus back from Bradford last night, after the works dinner.

The dinner was great, I’ve been very lucky with my new job, and who I get to work with, so last night was a lot of fun. Fine, I had to come home after the meal (Next year, I might get a hotel for the night, even if it seems silly), but it was good while it lasted. But yes, when the others went off for a drink (the restaurant was no alcohol), I went off to find a bus driver to get me home! But as I say, pictures I’ve seen since, it looks like they had fun!

OK, video. I know, its 2 weeks to Christmas, and its a non Christmas song, but you’ll survive. Lets face it, I’ve used all the best ones before, anyway. So as the title suggests, a little bit of Roy Orbison. To be fair, thats quite a band he has for this!

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