They dont need to know

Yes, first of 2 blogs today, special treat.

I discovered this morning, care of my ‘friends’ at Facebook, that it was one year ago today, that Harlean Stephanie Carpenter entered the world. Not the first time a Harlean Carpenter had entered the world (3.3.1911), but she had a different middle name! And yes, to keep things easy on people who knew me as Steph, or Stephanie, I kept that as my middle name. Fine, without that, Clara, for Miss Johnson would have been tempting, but anyway…I know, deed poll job, not an actual birth, though it felt like a rebirth, so…

Thats right, it took a whole 9 days after arriving back in the UK to get the matter sorted out, what took me so long lol? A couple of months later, I got the passport sorted out, and… Yes, that was not fun, one identity in life, and applying for jobs in my old name, but given you have to have ID for those matters…

Still hoping to find someone who can transform my looks so that I look like the other, more famous Harlean Carpenter, but mad scientists seem to be in short supply at present!

So yes, if anyone wants to buy Harlean a ‘birthday’ present, I wouldnt mind, but in truth, I’m just glad I can really be me, cut off all ties from my past self, and just enjoy life. Yes, thats right, I still have to remember the old name, in case I need it for references, or anything, but beyond that, Stevie Nicholls, who was she? 😉

The video. Not a version of this song most will remember, because the Tracey Ullman version is the famous one. But this is the original, which for me at least, is the better one. Sadly I cant find a live version of Kirsty singing it, video, or otherwise, so this is the best I can do.

Oh, officially, the first appearance of Harlean Stephanie Carpenter was before the deed poll, due to one lovely friend in Hollywood. Thanks to Eden for that. Yes, Harlean went to the Magic Castle, not Stevie!

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