I wish I knew a place where I could go

…and get a new body!

Yes, unfortunately this week, old age, and arthritis seem to be catching up with me fast, which has led to today being only my 19th day off sick in 42 years, but as far as the new job is concerned, ah well…

To cut things short, my back is bad, and I mean bad! To say that now it is a massive improvement on last night, and this morning, but even so, when it goes into spasm, well, I might know how several hundred volts at the base of my spine might feel! I’m sure its not as bad as childbirth, but having avoided that delight, I cant guarantee that. Fine, its not that bad (from all I’m told at least), but 58 year old’s arent designed to give birth to babies either!

It started to get bad on Sunday evening, but hey, I’ve suffered with my back intermittently for more than a few years, nothing I cant survive. So fine, despite knowing about it, I set off for work Monday morning. Fine the bus seats dont help, and the chillier weather definitely doesnt, so yes, it got worse during the day, but nothing that couldnt be sorted by paracetamol.

Well, until 3.30 this morning, at least. I woke up in intense pain, and tried to turn over to check the clock. Snag, my back, and therefore my body wasnt moving! After about 20 minutes or so, I managed it with a great deal of effort, and the rest of the night was spent between bouts of sleep, and bouts of pain.

Anyway, about 7.45 this morning, I tried to get up, and with a bit of effort, made it. Snag was, after 2 steps, my back gave out, and I slid (hopefully gracefully) onto the floor. I was rescued about 10 minutes later, and called work, and let them know I wouldnt be in. Now, several hours, and a few painkillers later, its down to spasms that hurt like hell, but the rest of the time, not too bad. Work tomorrow, yes, unless I relapse overnight, and I hope I dont.

Now, if anyone knows a place where I can swap this beaten up, battered 58 year old body, with the butch look, for a cute, good looking 20 something body, I’d be glad if they would let me know about it. Organic, cybernetic, or in between, I really dont care! Fine, I’d love the adorable body to be a fembot one, but just at the moment, anything in decent health, and fitness would be nice. But no, I still dont want to have babies, even then! 😛

The video, well, as so often, there is a clue or two in here. Incredibly she was 71 when singing this, I’d be thrilled to be half that fit at that age! Amazing lady!

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