I’m beautiful? Clearly not, but my boobs meet with approval at least.

Yes, bonus edition, for your pain lol!

Last night, I was making my daily, working day dash for the bus station in Bradford (officially an interchange, as there is a railway station in same building) after work, almost certainly not looking my best. Not to say that my best is all that great anyway, but hey…

As I was covering the final 100 yards or so up the hill to the Interchange, I passed a group of 4 men, of my age, or just older, certainly no hunks among them, speeding by, without taking a great deal of notice of them. Hey, my only aim was catching the bus home! The fact that the bus crawled along very slowly, even when there wasnt any traffic around was beside the point, I made my bus at least. Yes, the journey up from Huddersfield to home was even worse, ended up about 30 minutes late in. But thats not the point of this little post!

Just after I’d passed this group of men, I heard one of them say to the rest,

“Well, if beauty is skin deep, she was born inside out.”

Now I have no idea whether he meant me to hear this, or just said it too loud, but anyway, I did. Just when I would be beginning to feel down, if I really cared, I heard one of the others reply, and a smile crossed my face. He said,

“Yes, maybe, but did you see the tits on her, they were great!”

How I stopped from bursting out laughing at that, I have no idea! I think thats more subtle than Trump’s pussy grabbing comments, though probably not much?

Question is, should I feel insulted about the comment about my looks, which in truth, is harsh, but not that harsh, I’m 58, a bit butch looking, so…? And should I feel amused, or affronted that one of the other guys enjoyed the sight of my breasts, albeit thoroughly covered up in a blue top?

Ah well, the quality, and subtlety of Yorkshire men, lol!

OK, video moment. Well, according to one, my cleavage is at least, even if my face isnt! I know, its one of those songs you either love, or hate, so…?

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