Turning Japanese?

Every so often, I take blog inspiration from a story I’ve read, and this is going to be one of them. Partly because I cant think of anything special for tonight, but also because this is such a fun idea, its worthy of mention, anyway. Yes, fine, you’re going to get a story plug again next weekend, but that will be for mine! So get your money ready, lol…

I’ve actually publicized this author before, for his brilliant Bimbo, or Billionaire series, but since then he has come up with another mind controlling enterprise, this one from Japan, called OTTII. Yes, fine, if they want to make me a job offer, I’d be thrilled, but…this is the latest, and the reason for this blog,

I should say, poor Mikayla, but as you can guess, I’m not likely to do so! Sadly, my golfing skills (even when I was much younger) werent at this level, and nowadays, I’m sure they’d be even worse, havent played in years, and joints have stiffened up somewhat since then too. But fine, as a younger girl, I was about a 12 handicap at one point, none too shabby! But yes, that was nearly 40 years ago, so…yeah, be more like 112 nowadays lol!

I guess that turning Japanese, quite literally, would be quite an interesting experience. Not my first pick, even excluding the obvious robot, and Harlow ones, I think Inuit would be my choice, if I had any say so. I know, its cold up there, but it appeals, so…

I dont want to say too much, in case you want to go read it, but yes, I wonder what it would be like if you realized you were actually changing like that? Oh fine, shut your eyes, or go read it before you go on, but no she doesnt realize its happening until too late. Indeed, by then, she doesnt realize she wasnt Japanese, but anyway…

Irony is, anywhere else in the world, I’d say that OTTII is impossible, but this is Japan, so…? Pretty sure it is fiction, even there! But fine, if someone wants to turn me Inuit, or Japanese, then make me an offer lol! Japan, I’d probably end up as a robot anyway!

Right, the video, a choice tonight, or you can go for both? The original, I cant find my favorite video for, so I’ll settle for this TV performance

But fine, much as I love that, I simply adore the cute, very Japanese take on it, from Kirsten Dunst!

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