An Actors Life For Me?

I guess its down to the stories I’ve been writing of late, plus that job offer earlier this year, if I’d had a Green Card/US Visa, and everything, but I’ve sort of been looking at the acting life again. I know, a bit daft, as its been a while (about 15 years) since I did anything, but yes, fine, its started to hold appeal.

Yes, I acted at schools, both primary, and secondary, and thoroughly enjoyed it. But the thought of doing much more about it, sort of disappeared when I couldnt go to University, because I had to go out to work, as soon as I could, my mother, being a single parent by then, someone had to bring in money, so…

But yes, who knows what might have happened with drama groups, if I had taken that step? No, I dont think I’d be a superstar, most of my stuff was supporting roles, not the glamour ones, so I’m pretty sure I wouldnt now be on Broadway, Hollywood, London Theaters, and the like!

After that, for the next 25 years or so, my acting talents were seen on occasions, though possibly not as much as I would have liked, due to the reality of the day job being more important than anything else. But fine, when I did it, it was fun, all the same.

Then, to be honest, for the last 15 years or so, its been pretty dormant, I must admit. I mean, there is one famous (thankfully private) film of me on You Tube performing, though under the influence of hypnosis! You could jokingly say that I’m a professional actress nowadays, as I charged for that film at the time, if not a fortune! But yes, how much of that was my acting skills, and how much was the talented hypnotist, no idea? I suspect if I wasnt a decent actress, that it wouldnt work so well, but anyway…

But then, it laid dormant, until I got to Hollywood. Yes, stop laughing, no studio offers, believe me! But I did an interview on LGBT issues, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Indeed, I enjoyed it so much, I had to be stopped, as the time was up! There was I concerned I could fill 30 minutes, did it with ease!

Even so, even not working, when I got back, I didnt really take up on things, other than story writing, at least! Then of course, it all happened. I contacted an agency I am registered with, in LA, asking if they could show a few pictures of me that I sent them, on a forthcoming talent day. I got a reply back, asking if I had the papers to be able to take up an acting job in the North East of the US! Sadly, I didnt, and given the other person couldnt get them in time (they wanted someone British for the role), I wasnt going to get them either.

But fine, since then, I have been wondering if I should get involved again? Then, funnily enough, on Wednesday, in my new job, we had an hour long get together of department staff, to chat, and get to know each other. And yes, one of them mentioned his forthcoming stage performance in Leeds. And given I’d mentioned my acting past, as my little secret in the training school introduction…yes, I got mentioned!

So, since then, and indeed a little before, I’ve been wondering about taking to the stage again. In truth, I suspect it wont happen, but fine, I’m thinking about it, and that has to be something?

The video, a piece of apt Muppet stupidity

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