The end of summer?

Its kind of funny, I’ve just started the first week of work, in my new job, and then after that, I’ve got a long weekend, and a 4 day week next week. Yes, in the UK at least, its the last Bank Holiday of the summer, next one is Christmas! I know, the US has got a few more before then, but over here, this is it.

Its actually been nice weather over here this week, for walking to, and from work to the Bus Station, so much so, I’ve only worn a coat one day this week, and that was due to forecast rain, not the temperature. I’m pretty sure it wont be so nice, at 8 pm, on a cold, wintry day in February, but lets get there first!

The job seems good, mind, given it would be being compared to Capita, that might not be hard, but regardless of that, yes, it seems good. And yes, as long as the new commute stays fresh, that helps too. This week has mainly been about rules, and regulations, and form filling, but that has all been fine. Real training starts on Tuesday, really looking forward to it.

The other reason that I know Autumn (Fall) is approaching, is that all the baseball talk is turning to the playoffs. Amazing to think how much of them I saw last year, in California, going to miss out on that this time around, for sure. Dodgers are leading their division, Royals are finally on a roll, and Red Sox are challenging too, so all looking good at present. Oh to be there, but…at least I’ll miss that truly ghastly Presidential campaign lol. In truth, dislike one intently, not a fan of the other, so…rolls eyes

Now, to enjoy the long weekend, and then get trained up for the new job. Sadly, not trained in a method I could really enjoy, but all the same…

A real oldie tonight, for the video. Lets just say its been quite a summer in my life, and leave it at that!

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