You’ve got the power

So fine, I thought I’d break the news, I’m writing again. Yes, new story time, for better, or worse, depending on how you feel about them! Talking of which I made a sale yesterday, on Amazon, of one of the old stories, made a nice change. Anyone wanting a link to them, comment with which ebook provider you’d prefer the link to, and I will reply back. Its not a fortune, but I still get some joy when it happens. Practically, I’ve got until Saturday evening to get it done, hopefully I make it.

The one difference this time, is that its not relatively light hearted fluff, set in the past. This is going to be a modern day setting, definitely with some grittiness, and a dark(ish) storyline, mixed in with the other stuff. Yes, inspired by my ECT videos, and dreams, mentioned a few blogs back, I’m bringing that into the story, as a main part of the plot.

Thats not to say that I cant write light hearted involving ECT, because I did. Lets just say that the result of that kind of ECT doesnt actually carry close resemblance to the real thing, as that involved intelligence enhancement, and mind control, so, yes, in my dreams! The longer story focuses more on what I would term genuine ECT treatment, and all the surrounding factors. Thats not to say that it wont have a relatively happy ending, because it probably will, but its going to get dark before it gets to that point.

Yes, fine, at this moment I am sort of planning on a bit of a feelgood ending, but I can never guarantee if I get there, or not, 30% of the way in! Of course, there is one scene I’m not looking forward to writing, because beyond this video

which I’m pretty sure is what I would call a placebo treatment (not real), I have no idea whats involved in a genuine modern day treatment, because lets face it, the movie ones are cranked up beyond reality, so not a lot of help. And fine, because the commentary in this is, I believe, Dutch, I have to go more by the images, than the words, anyway.

Yes, I would dearly love to do a placebo treatment myself, so I know what its like to experience it, or even better, a genuine treatment, though a lower voltage might be nicer than the full blast, but fine, I’d risk it, given the choice of that, or nothing! Fine, I might well enjoy it, anyway! I did consider writing to the 2 local units doing ECT, and seeing if they would let me do at least a placebo treatment, ideally more, but given that it really needs to be written before I go back to work again, next week, I’ve passed for now. But yes, I would love to do that, at least, sometime in the future. Ideally a small shock would be nicer, but…if anyone from the Yorkshire NHS units should read this, feel free to contact me at , and let me know whats possible.

At this moment in time, I’m assuming its going to go to ebook, and I then have to decide whether to release under the same name, or use a different nom de plume, given the very different nature of the story, which seemingly you can do, on the one account. Dont worry, for those who care, it will be advertised on here, when it happens! Who knows, something like this might just prove to be my writing breakthrough? I know, stop laughing now!

Right, the music video. A bit naughty, given the subject matter, but hey, ECT messes with the brain, so…

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