I wonder if you’ll stay now?

So fine, I’m doing it this way first, just as much to see who actually reads the blog, and therefore gets the news, as opposed to those folk who ‘like it’ on Facebook, without bothering to read it? Yes, I will announce it formally at some point tomorrow, but for now… 😉

Last night, unofficially, and this morning, officially, it was confirmed that I was being offered my preferred job option, the one in Bradford. However, I have to be discreet about who I tell, and when, given that I dont plan to leave this job until about a week before I start there (near the end of August), simply because I need the money, and clearly I’ve closed my job benefits thing accordingly, and cant reopen it now.

The why’s arent hard to see, its far better money, better hours, less travel costs, and a more interesting job. I openly admit, if I’d known I was going to be offered this one, I wouldnt have taken the other, but anyway…fate decreed they told me one day after, of course!

Mind, if my current employers want to convince me to stay, by interesting methods of doing so, they are welcome to do so. Fine, I’d love that, and fine, its the only way I’m staying, in truth, even losing out on the free lunches lol! But yes, absolutely, I’d love to be ‘made’ to change my mind about leaving, you bet I would!

I know, I know, but a girl can dream, at least!

A very apt, and very haunting song for the video tonight


2 thoughts on “I wonder if you’ll stay now?”

  1. I have worked for many employers and I can say for certain that not one of them was worth staying for if a better offer came up. Yes they will play the responsibility card as well as the ‘you owe us’ card and any other card they think will work. They are good at this, all of them, but any one of them will drop you instantly if it suits their purpose, with no thought of ‘doing the right thing’.

    This is how they work. Some are better at it than others. And what you realise, when you get to my age, is that they are playing at a game called ‘mind control’. It is not pretty and it leaves you anxious and, sometimes, depressed. But it really is ‘mind control’. Unfortunately it is not the sexy mind control that would be so exciting.

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of your life.



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