Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

In all my call center experience, all I’ve ever worked with, is what you would term, a wired headset. In other words you plug a jackplug into your phone, or socket box, and get all your calls through that. Yes, it limits the amount you can move, while working, but hey, thats fine, if you need to leave the desk, you just take them off, and move about freely. Otherwise, does it matter if you can, or cant move away from your seat while working, probably not?

So yes, you’ve guessed it, this workplace has wireless headphones! Yes, within a reasonable range, you can move around at work, while taking calls! Now, if you need to use your computer, you cant go far, but if you’re in the middle of a call which is all talk, and no do, it can be done, and yes, I saw it. OK, its amusing, because seemingly no one seemed to know how to set it up, so that I could listen in on calls too, but we got there in the end.

I’m told the main issue with them, is the lack of hearing your own voice, but I’m pretty sure I can survive that, in truth. I wont actually find out what thats like until I hit the main floor (if I ever get there, as it would be about 6 weeks, and I have got another better job in the pipeline), as the training center uses the old fashioned wired version, seemingly. Sadly, unless they’re saving that for post training, these headphones show no desire to send interesting signals into the headphones, and forwarded into our minds. Ah well… 😉 Oh fine, I’m probably the only one who would love that, but anyway…a promise that they would, might be the only way they’ll keep me lol!

Yes, Customer Service side of things, fine by me. Technical service though, which we’re meant to start training for, in a fortnight, hmm? I mean, lets face it, me, I’m more interested in being controlled by technology, than controlling it! But if still there, I’ll give it a go, at least.

Of course, I could equally be setting up for an acting career in the US…fine, I know, not going to happen, but… joke!

Fine, the video. Major hint in the title, and I’d love to have the chance to be dressed like the dancers in this, oh please!


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