Anyone got a space craft going cheap?

Going back to events at the end of the last blog, as you can now gather, I woke up on Wednesday morning, and all seems fine with me. Actually, a couple of amazing things happened on Wednesday, much to my surprise. One of which leads to the witty comment in the blog title!

Firstly, for the first time in quite literally months, I made a book sale. Yes, fine, only 1, but given I havent put anything new up in a year, maybe thats to be expected? How do I know it was a year, simple! That morning on the anniversary thing that Facebook do, I got the notice that 1 year before, I’d put my last book up for sale, and done the publicity for it. No, it wasnt that book that got a sale, but hey, it was nice to get one, all the same.

For anyone wanting to add to my book sales delights this week, you can try this link They are also available at all good ebook stores, under the same author name, as you prefer.

But no, the commission on that isnt what will enable me to buy a space craft, or much else, given the cheap prices of the books (hint hint), and the fact it will be at least a couple of months before I see the money, anyway.

A while back, one of the hotel groups that I hold a membership card for, sent me a survey to do. I filled it out, and would have done so regardless, but for my effort, I’d be put in a draw for some Amazon gift cards. I know, me win anything, normally, but…there it was, the email telling me I’d got one, and the code to activate it at Amazon. Fine, its only £10, but hey, its better than I normally do! No, I’m not seriously expecting to get a space craft at any price, let alone £10, but no harm in asking! I suspect it will either be used on an item of clothing, or on an edible delight, but I havent investigated that yet. But as I say, if a friendly alien should see this, have an old craft up for sale cheap, then let me know, I’ll make him a deal!

These 2 amazing happenings actually tempted me to try my luck with lottery tickets this week, though the Euro Millions one last night, brought the usual result, no joy whatsoever. I’m not really expecting anything different with the UK one tonight, but hey, I can dream, for a few more hours at least! Put it this way, if I were to win even one of the twenty thousand pound prizes, I would quickly be planning a trip to LA. A million (or more) would only make it a longer stay lol!

The video. I guess you could say I had one of these Wednesday, though that might be stretching facts somewhat!

Weird dreams are made of this

This morning, something weird happened in my dreams, even stranger because of the date, but more on that shortly.

I got up about 6 this morning, to go to the bathroom. Sadly, as is often the case with us older folk, our bladders cant always go the full night any more. Seems to be happening to me more of late, but hey, I’m getting older, so…

But after that, I went back to bed, to grab a couple more hours sleep, before getting up. Thats when the funny stuff started to happen. It didnt take me long to drop off back to sleep, indeed, judging by the state of my bed, I slept more peacefully than normal. Yes, normally I must move a lot, as the duvet, sheets, and pillows arent always where I left them when I go to bed, I seem to shuffle, and turn a lot!

But yes, this morning sleep returned quickly, and very peacefully. The next thing I know, I can hear voices in my room. Now, believe me, no one could get into my bedroom quietly, there is quite a circular stopper thing on the door, you dont open it quietly. So why can I hear voices?

After some time, I hear a voice say, “I’m sorry, but she’s just about to die.”, and react accordingly, I try to wake up! I do, easily, and look around, no one to be seen anywhere! Well, there is a cat meowing at the door for her breakfast, the moment she’s seen me moving, but other than that…nothing! And no, before you ask, I couldnt hear a TV on anywhere around either.

You see, the weird thing is the date. Yes, 79 years ago today, in a Los Angeles hospital, Jean Harlow’s family were told she was about to die, and of course, she did. Was it sheer coincidence, or was I, in my dreams, briefly whisked back to her body, for a couple of hours, and I was her? Sounds crazy, I know, but given my connection to her, and the date…? What also concerns me, is if I’d subconsciously accepted what I’d heard, would I have actually died? Even now, when I go back to sleep again, will I…?

So fine, if I dont reappear, please come visit me at Glendale, OK? I think you might know where to find me lol!

Video time. Well, it had to be something dream related, I guess?

If you want to become a robot, prepare to be zapped!

Generally in stories where someone is turned into a robot, it involves one of two methods. The trendy, and more modern method, generally involves an injection of specially created nanites, that work on the human mind, and body, turning someone from flesh and bones, into metal, and circuitry. As far as I know, currently, said nanites only exist in fictional works, though agreed, if they did, it would probably be the most effective way of transforming someone.

The other popular method used for said transformation, and which always the one used in the classic movies of the past, involves the use of electricity, to transform said person. Back in the B Movies, this was also used for creating all sorts of monsters as well. And yes, I’d be remiss if I didnt mention that amazing scene in Metropolis, at this point. Technically, that wasnt so much a robotization, as a mental download into a robot body, as Maria was, err, well relatively fine, afterwards! Mind, it gives the impression that quite a lot of electrical activity might have been passing through her mind to create this!

But in things like the Bride of Frankenstein and the like, then the whole body gets quite a delicious amount of electricity through her whole self. Yes, fine, I might enjoy that experience.

Of course, strictly, in the real world, that much electricity passing through the human mind, and body, tends to be fatal. Of course, in theory, I guess that the idea is that you become a robot before that moment kicks in, and of course robots love to be charged up by a good dose of electricity! Sometimes of course, those nanites get activated by said charge of electricity, which gets around the death issue, I guess, as the body has been adapted to enjoy that effect. How either of these option work in reality, who knows at present, as its beyond the realms of current technology, as far as I know?

Of course, back then, and indeed, until recent times, electricity was actually used to kill people, the good old electric chair! For an article re this, follow the link at to discover more. Oh fine, I’d love to sit in one of those chairs, and be connected up as they were, though ideally while the mains leading to the chair is very much switched off! Fine, I might not say no, if it wasnt connected up, but I know which I would prefer!

The only electric chair I’ve actually had close contact with, was many years ago, in an amusement arcade. Yes, thats right, an electric chair in an amusement arcade. No, it wasnt real, just a seat that you sat in, put your head into the cap, and placed your hands on the two metal bars, and got shocked! No, not really, as far as I can tell, though it definitely made your hands tingle. But given the vibration in the bars, I assume it was a device, and not real electricity. Anyway, what happened was, the vibration just got stronger, and stronger, until your hand came off, that broke the ‘circuit’ and you got your reading.

I assume none of these machines still exist, but if someone knows one that does, I’d love to do it again, believe me! No, sadly, I cant remember what they were actually called. Equally, I have no idea if they were only a UK, or a worldwide thing.

But yes, one of those, or something even more inventive, then yes, I’d love to, and I wouldnt mind electricity actually being used, err, relatively safely, on me! So if you want to do that to me, let me know, please!

Right, video time. You could say the group are apt, for this blog, and you could say this might be where you end up, after the electricity has finished you off. Unless of course, that electrical charge has turned you into a robot…bleep

Someone think I’ll make a mother!

No, dont panic too much, given its one of those online things, and the fact that we are currently 8 time zones apart, make it unlikely that it will actually happen, but its an amusing thought, all the same. But I did realize he thought I had potential when he told me that he’d shown my pictures to his children, and all that. Seriously, me, a mother, cant see it!

Yes, its one of those guys who’s seen my picture on Facebook, and for some strange, unexplained reason seems to have fallen in love with me. Given we’ve never met, and apart from a few words, over a crackly messenger service, never spoken to each other, let alone anything more!

Fine, he seems nice enough, as much as I can tell from chats we’ve had, but that doesnt mean a lot. Besides which, in me, you’re talking an ‘old maid’ who hasnt had any relationships in about 16 years, with anyone, and who has never had a maternal instinct in her life!

I’m sure, at some point soon, he’s going to see sense, and go off me, or find someone else to work his charms on! No, short of a neural download that turns me into a perfect mother, I cant see me, and kids, to be honest, but who knows?

As I say, it was nice chatting to him, and all that, and I could live with the love pledges, when it was just me, and him, but then when he said he’d shown my photo to his kids, eek! I know it might be my way of becoming a California girl, but seriously, as a mother, hmm?

Alright, you can stop laughing now!

The video, well, if my mother was still alive, I might be saying this to her!