If you want to be a mermaid (of sorts)?

Oh to be in Coney Island tomorrow, with my friend. Why? Because its the Mermaid parade there, and that would be just so much fun to be part of. Sadly, unless someone dispatches a space craft overnight that can get me to New York at the speed of sound, or faster, its not going to happen! Thankfully, my friend, Stacie will be there though, lucky woman.

As far as I can tell, the wearing of a mermaid tail, is purely optional, though going by the promotion page, on the website, some people will be doing so. Stacie, no, shoes, or so she’s admitting to me, anyway. That link?


Oh fine, I might be a bit old for something like that, but hey, just once, it would be so much fun! And yes, me, if I could get myself fitted with a tail, you bet I would wear one. Ideally one that is removable afterwards, but only ideally! Fine, I’ll pass (for now at least) on the surgery to enable me to breathe underwater, but if the offer was there? 😉 Would be fun, but as far as I know, not yet possible!

So yes, if you’re in the area tomorrow, and I’m hoping a few readers might be, and read this in time, go down to Coney Island, have fun, and enjoy the parade. Oh, and if you see a cute little space craft parked somewhere nearby, you can come and chat to me too! No, I wouldnt hold too much hope of that lol! But you never know…?

Right, the video, this is nearly as old as me! Very tentative link, I guess, though mermaids surely ‘walk’ along the sands at times, when we humans arent looking! Video quality isnt great, but hey, its over 50 years old!

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