Sealed with a kiss. (Well, sort of a kiss)

Its crazy, isnt it, you can go a year or so, without any opportunity to vote, then they all come along at once! Then again, after June, unless I get to become a US citizen in the meanwhile (yes, joking, I’m sure), it will probably be an age before I get to vote again. The funny thing about tomorrow, because we are still working off last years electoral register at the moment, I’ll be voting under my old name. So I must remember, when they say Miss Nicholls tomorrow, thats me!

Firstly, tomorrow, we get to vote for local councils, and for only the second time, the police commissioner. I havent seen any paperwork for any party, for either, but I suspect thats because the others see it first, and discard it. Fine by me, to be honest, but anyway…I pretty much know which party I’ll be voting for, anyway, as my middle of the road Liberal Democrats locally, havent annoyed me in the same way the national party has. So I suspect, they will get my vote.

Yes, fine, thats the easy one to decide!

Next month is the complex one, that I havent got a clue how I will vote, at present. Yes, the ‘should I stay, or should I go’ vote for whether the UK stays in the EU. I’ve seen good points for both sides, bad points for the same, and if I had to vote tomorrow, not a clue! Sadly, the ‘stay’ group has run a very negative campaign, and given Cameron is supporting it, just makes me want to vote otherwise. But sense says, stay is better…I think? As I say, I suspect that might yet be an ‘on the day’ decision.

Alright, I suppose I have to mention it, I see the inevitable has happened, and Donald Trump will be the Republican Presidential candidate. You’re right, I’m not a fan! He’s better than Cruz, I think, but thats not saying much! Oh, and the Democrats seem finally to have fixed it totally that Clinton will be standing against him. You’re right, despite being a woman, I’m not a fan of her either! Yes, I’m one of the Bernie Sanders brigade! Not that, short of a miracle, my views will feature in this election anyway, but…

The question someone asked me, is why I support Sanders, but cant stand Corbin, over here, who’s views are not much further left than Bernie. Maybe its a matter of trust, and confidence, Bernie comes across as a nice guy, Corbin just seems sort of crazy, and unreliable on so many things.

I’ve seen people suggesting Bernie stands as a 3rd candidate, either Independent, or as the Green Party candidate, which would suit me fine. My only worry with this, is that Trump gets in by default. I suspect he could beat both, individually, but he’d take more Democrat votes, than Republican, and that thought terrifies me. But thankfully, not my call.

OK, the video is nearly as old as me. And yes, thats scary, as I remember owning the single of this. Oh, the kiss? Well, we put an X on the voting form over here!

Anyone want to adopt an orphan?

So fine, I’ll admit it, I was looking for inspiration for the blog tonight, and then I remembered this meme I saw yesterday. And given that the last blog was a cheeky look at ways I could move to America, I thought this was perfect as another one.

adoption offer

Yes, lets face it, the authorities would have a fit over anyone adopting a 58 year old, admit it! Apart from anything else, I’m sure the rules would have an age limit for such events, which I suspect is 18, but dont quote me on that! Right, I’m not quite the cute orphan Annie type lol!

Equally, strictly, I’m an orphan, with no known family, so…? If anyone with legal knowledge knows the answers to these matters, feel free to shout out! Think I know the answers, but… Yes, I think the marriage option is still the best one lol!

Oh fine, there is equally the mad scientist seeking a helpless female to do interesting experiments on, option, but I think, sadly, thats about as likely as being adopted! Oh, I wish! Or a Dominant, seeking a submissive…Yeah I know, pigs fly!

Alright, I’ll try to find something more original for midweek, probably Wednesday, honest I will. Yes, on a 3 day split, as I have an assessment center for an interview on Tuesday, and given its in Halifax, its probably going to chew up a fair bit of the day. So being practical, 3 days is more likely.

The video, what someone might conceivably say to me, but I doubt it!