In Memory of those who gave their lives

This is one of those rare events, a bank holiday weekend, both sides of the pond. Over here, in the UK, its simply called the Whitsun Bank Holiday, but in the US, its something considered far more important, that being Memorial weekend. And yes, today is actually Memorial Day.

Its fair to say, I think, that over here, beyond 2 days in November, remembrance of those who died in the various wars, arent a general thing. In the US, its a whole different thing. Without wishing to get political, the forces in the US are more respected, and have a better reputation than over here. I must admit, the amount of times I’ve come across forces, from either country are limited, but yes, I’ve never seen US force people behaving badly, and I only wish I could say the same for ours. I know, I’m an Ameriphile, so may be biased, but I dont think so.

Of course, there is the thing that the American’s have been in a few more wars over the years, both recent, and in the past, so maybe thats why they need to be remembered more? But in truth, in my opinion, all those people gave their lives, so we could be here today, in relative safety, so they should all be remembered.

Of course, the saddest ones are where families, for whatever reason, have no one to bury. Indeed in some cases, we dont even know how, or where they died, they just disappear, and we assume in time, that they died, somewhere, fighting for us.

Lets all pay our due respects. Yes, there were a number of movie stars who died, either in the actual war, or serving their country in other ways, lest it be forgotten.

OK, the video. This is one of those gentlemen who disappeared during the war, assumed dead, when he never arrived in France. We can only assume his plane crashed, or was attacked over the English Channel, in December 1944, we will never know the full story now, I’m sure.

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