I’d like to buy the world a Coke

No, seriously, I dont, I couldnt afford it at present, but its a tribute to one of those moments when you know you’re getting old.

Back in 1970, a catchy advert jingle came on TV, and yes, you’ve guessed what the product was, from the title of the blog, coca cola. I’m guessing, from the nature of the advert, and everything else, that it started off in the US, and spread to the UK, because it was catchy, and successful.

So, the inevitable happened, the 30 second/1 minute jingle ad, got turned into a standard length single. Well, I say standard length, said single was still only just over two and a quarter minutes long, but long enough to release on to the music market. The thing was, it wasnt the original jingle singers that made the record. It was made by a pretty well unknown (at the time, at least) British group called the New Seekers. Anyway, the rest, as they say was history, it went to the top of the UK charts, seemingly stayed there forever, and all that.

So why am I mentioning this today, you ask? Well, the man who created the original jingle died yesterday at the age of 89. So yes, given this was written when he was 43, and I heard it at the age of 12, I’m feeling rather old today.

Yes, the video is the obvious one, the single version, created from that famous advert

Oh, and in another sense of feeling old today, the job thing. I guess I sort of knew it might not be easy finding a new job in my late fifties, but I never expected this. The last couple of weeks, even the contacts back from agencies, and companies, to my application have slowed down dramatically. So yes, I’m feeling old, and depressed, in that sense too. Anyone, anywhere, want to make me feel younger again, please?

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