Too busy thinking?

Earlier this week, I was honored to receive a magical reading from a wonderful woman, due to entering a competition at her wonderful website last month. For those who want to go and support her, or are just curious, that website is . The contest (at time of writing) is still actually on her home page, though obviously its too late to enter now!

Anyway, quite wisely, in my opinion, my angels want me to wipe my slate clean, and let them start again with me, probably wise words after the last year or so that I’ve had! Me, I’d quite literally like to wipe my slate clean, and start all over again, from scratch. I know, I wish, probably not possible, even though I would love it.

Then, amusingly, the next day, this image appeared in my feed at Facebook

brainwashing machine

Yes, that does translate to what you think it does, and yes, I’d very happily take his place! If nothing else, I’d love to be in that situation, whether the electrodes actually worked, or not. So yes, as I’ve mentioned before as a request, if someone wants to do that to me, and make me at least think I’m going to be brainwashed, please shout in the comments section here! Oh, and you dont have to brainwash me exactly like that, that just acts as a guide, shall we say? 😉

The other image I’m going to use tonight probably looks like a brainwashing device, but in fact, if you wanted your hair permed in the 1930’s, this was how it was done! And yes, this 30’s girl would love to once, and almost certainly only once, love to have her hair curled like this!

hair curling

Fine, the equipment to literally do it like that, probably doesnt still exist, though I’m sure something similar could be done, by using modern heated curlers, I guess? If so, and someone fancies doing it to me, I’d love to know what it was like! Again, if anyone can help in any way, shout through comments, or something.

Right, the video. Lets just say that if I was connected up to that first machine (please!), I wouldnt be capable of doing this.

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