Money, thats what I want

Firstly, before we get to the serious part of the blog, for those who wish to know. The dating agency is fine for chat, but anything more than that, not very likely. I’ll give it a few more days, then either dip in, and see if the sapphic side brings any more joy, or just give up. I suspect it being a free site means there is less need to move things along, but anyway…

So, if anyone happens to know a wealthy (or moderately wealthy) person looking for a 57 year old partner in LA, either as an equal, or as a submissive, let them/me know, because that would be my dream!

Right, to the blog title.

Just after Christmas, I got head hunted (yes, even 57 year old people get it sometimes) by some financial advisory company. Not because I’m brilliant with money, but because I have good telephone, and person to person talking skills, so I was told. Where this was different, was no telephone interview or anything like that, just a request to watch what they call a webinar (Yes, I might like to be technologically controlled, but what I know about tech stuff, hmm?) yesterday lunch time about the role.

In fact, it was quite entertaining, partly because the guy was not only passionate about what he was talking about, he threw in moments of levity too. But yes, in the end, his main selling point was how much you could earn as a financial advisor with his company. Yes, seriously, 6 figure sums, and I do mean in pounds! And not small ones, either. And the opportunity to work around the world, which yes, I’d love. No, sadly, they have no LA office at present, but anyway…

In truth, what it would come down to, is getting people to put money into this company’s investment plans, and seeing their money grow. And I guess, with the commissions they get, both sides prosper? But yes, sweet little me, talking people to invest that way? No, I know…! I mean, I swing it around the other way, if I use a little female charm, flutter an eyelash or two, could I do it by sweet talk? I’m pretty sure if I was 25, and good looking, then I probably could. But I’m 57, no stunner, so I dont know? After that, I got sent some personality test (McQuaig?) to do, but I’m sure my results arent aggressive enough for them, but I’ll find out in the next few days.

But fine, the thing that amused me the most? If I get selected, and if I get through a face to face interview, its 5 days of intensive training in Malta, before you head off to wherever in the world you want to work. Me, with the choice, I’d probably pick San Francisco, and hope they eventually open up an office down the coast, and I could transfer! But alright, I suspect my vision of intensive training, and theirs, might be miles apart. Oh yes, ‘educated’ by a fast learning machine, downloading information directly into my mind, oh please! No, I know, boring learning stuff from paper, but I can dream. Especially as I cant wildly imagine reaching that point, anyway.

But yes, the focus of it all, how much money you could earn, which led me to this video

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