Anyone fancy a robot wife?

Oh fine, maybe its because I’ve just gained a new identity, or maybe its because its the end of the year, and I’m still very single, that my thoughts turn to romance, love, or from personal preference, becoming a robot wife. Yes, gives a clue to the video, doesnt it?

I know, its not for the first time, and I’m hopelessly independent after having been single for 15 years, but maybe its time (again) to consider whether I should find a partner, or more aptly for me, a dominant person, who fancies a robot wife. In play sense only, I guess, unless they are a brilliant hypnotist, or a mad scientist, but anyway…

Yes, its that gorgeous corset I mentioned recently, got me feeling all submissive again, must be that collar attachment lol! And I guess a Master, or Mistress would to some degree at least take away all those needed love issues that I would have with a normal relationship. Yes, fine, a normal relationship, especially a date, might be fun, but given my issues re sex (I live without penetrative sex, and have done so for 15 years), I wouldnt be ideal for most folk. Yes, strictly, a lesbian one doesnt require that nasty stuff, well, unless she’s into strap ons at least, so might be better, whereas a man would probably have to settle for blow jobs, and the like. Not the best, I guess? At least they’d probably enjoy tying me tightly into corsets, and the like!

But fine, in my heart, doing the whole submissive thing, especially if I could find someone that fancied the robot kink, would appeal far more. If nothing else, it removes all requirement for me to love someone, but just be happy to serve, and obey them, which should be fine!

But where would I start for something like that, not a clue! And not sure I have much faith in dating agencies, and certainly would have no idea at all on the submissive side of things. So yes, fine, in a years time, you’ll probably get a similar post, without the name change thing!

Yes, I would love to just be wined, and dined, just so someone can convince me that I would make a good wife, partner, or submissive, for the first time in a long time. Probably as likely as a serious relationship, but anyway…

Fine, the video. Yes, that robot wife thing lol. Would be perfect for me, especially if I really was. Or at least an obedient, brainwashed slave, as second prize!

I cant remember my old name!

OK, maybe thats a slight exaggeration, as today was the day I could finally abandon the pretense of being Stevie Nicholls, at long last. Yes, the final job interview in that name is done, the CV, job email sites, and NI number are all now, or will soon be, in my new name at long last. The passport will now go off tomorrow, as I couldnt face going out again this afternoon, to send it off. I have to go out, and get a couple of small presents tomorrow, so I will do it all then.

Yes, for the first time in just over a month, I only have to concern myself with one name, that being Harlean Carpenter. Hey, I’m even going to start letting people call me Harlean now, if they want to, as I’m not trying to keep the 2 names roughly aligned any more. Now, if anyone can do a mind meld for me, so that the 2 Harlean Carpenter’s can be molded into one, yes, I’d love it. Not going to happen though, is it, sadly.

But if anyone fancies erasing all my memories of my old identity, using this, or any other delicious method, feel free to do so. In fact, please do! Would be the best present I could get!

Mind, I say its just over a month, but in truth, its about 3, in all. Pretty much since I came back from New England, I settled into my new identity, other than when I had to use passport ID! Best night was the night, a friend of mine, introduced me as, and called me Harlean all evening, that was heaven! Thanks so much, Eden!
Yes, I’m really looking forward to that first flight, as Harlean, just so much!

Right, the video. Its where the play on the title of the blog comes from. Yes, I can say it, my name is Harlean Carpenter. And all I wanted was a flight, to Hollywood!

So how would you describe a colour to a blind person?

Today I had a job interview, nothing original in that statement at least. I had thought it would be the last job interview as Ms Nicholls, and in a sense, I wish it was, because it was actually fun. Sadly, now, it wont be, as I have one more tomorrow now, which will be very standard and boring (one of our bigger insurance companies), before sending off the passport, and when it returns, I will be Miss Carpenter in every sense of the word.

I know, a job interview that was actually fun, scary stuff? Well, to be honest, until the last step (the second interview), it was going in a fairly traditional form, of filling out forms, doing a couple of tests, and being interviewed about my job history, and what I could bring to the company.

Then events got fun. I went off for the second part of the interview, assuming this was when the competency based questions, which I so despise, would be asked. Wrong! This was questions from left field, and hey, it was fun! I had heard of these things, but until today, had never had one.

First question was my dream job. Well, I avoided being voluntarily turned into a robot, a mad scientist’s guinea pig (of any kind), and even the slightly more normal, astronaut. Yes, 1930’s movies actress, no idea who inspired that answer.

Fine, so next? Describe the colour yellow, to a blind person! Well, I rambled on about the warmth of the sun, and imagining its colour, and did the same with daffodils, but I got through. To be told I coped with this strange question far better than most!

So, my challenge readers, if you’re feeling brave, is to think about that question, and work out how you would describe any colour (of your choice) to a blind person? Not easy, is it? Oh, and if any one of you has an interesting dream job, feel free to consider that, or even, on both counts, if you’re really brave, answer them in the comments section for me.

Come on, its nearly Christmas, give me a present, say hi, and answer one of those questions, or both.

The video. One of my favourite groups of all time, and yes, when I was very young, I wanted to sing like Judith Durham. And it fits in with one of the questions, anyway.

Young at heart?

Well, regardless of whether I am, or not, I’m not young in body. I’m 57, for heavens sake, more than twice the age poor Jean Harlow ever reached in this life. But thats not the point of this brief blog, its the amusing job interview I had today.

If I heard the line ‘Its a young office’ at my interview today, I heard it a dozen times, or more. Maybe it was, and judging by the glance I cast round the office post interview, seemingly it is, as I couldnt see anyone much the other side of 30, but as far as I know, strictly, age cant be used as an issue when applying for jobs. In fact, I know it cant, but beside the point, no, I dont expect to get any positive news back from my application somehow.

So, at this point, given it relates to this, I might as well slip the video in, here and now!

Well, looks like the last trip out as Ms Nicholls will now be happening tomorrow, for the medical screening, as I’ve heard nothing more about the job assessment on Wednesday, so… Yes, the next time I apply for any roles, or need to show ID, it will at long last be as Miss Carpenter! Can’t wait! And at some point next year, the first flight as Harlean is going to be something special. Mind, I probably need to get a job, and some money together for that!

Talking of money, if anyone has £75 ($113.52 at time of posting) to spare, I love this corset.

Yes, I know, its a thoroughly submissive look, but I love it all the same. And hey, I switch, and could probably quite happily full time sub if I got to wear that. Oh fine, technicality, I also need someone to tie me (tightly) into it, but thats beside the point!

I know, I love gorgeous corsets, what can I say? 😉

Mind control morals

Oh fine, I know, mind control stories, and moral considerations for the victims dont generally go together, but I like to be awkward! But then again, nowadays, I’m not your average mind control story writer, which is why this issue has arisen with me.

Dont get me wrong, I still use mind control in my stories, as my victims still get their minds turned to mush, or become part of a controlled hive mind, or even turned into robots from time to time. But do you know one thing? Nowadays, I pretty much always return them to normal before the end of the story. Yes, they get thoroughly controlled, have plenty of sex based fun, but in the end, its all reset, and they go back to their normal lives. So fine, like everyone else, I take liberties with some issues involved in having an extremely healthy sex drive, none of my girls are EVER going to get pregnant, for starters. Mainly because being pregnant is a turn off for me, but why bring these mundane matters into it, unless thats your kink, as it seems to be with some. Me, I dont get it, but anyway…

And yes, 90% of the time, or more, the morals of controlling people’s minds, and turning them into sex slaves forever, and things like that, who cares? Its the nature of mind control for most, its permanent, and the dominant one controls, and doesnt care what happens to the victims.

Me, I have developed a habit of letting my characters experience it, and enjoy it, but in the end, they go back to being themselves, and…Fine, some enjoy it so much, they volunteer to do it again, on the same basis, but anyway…

And yes, even me, who would love to be a robot. I would love to be able to do a trial session (though quite a lengthy one, at least 24 hours) before I contemplated making it permanent, just to see if it really is as good as I think it is. Fine, if it was one, and done, I’d probably do it regardless, but in an ideal world…I’d love to be able to say yes, or no, after having tried it.

Which brings me to the latest piece I’m writing, for a contest at Fembot Central. Set in a future where transformation chambers exist, though they should only be used for short periods, not forever. And therefore, in a movie, a woman gets turned into a robot, for filming purposes, planning on it being for 2-3 weeks. But during that time, a billionaire hears about whats been done (pretty much a real person Stepford wife, I guess?), and wants her as his obedient, trophy wife. Very large sum of money offered, for a girl with no family, to the studio.

And thats the moral question. Should they take the money, turn her into a permanent robot wife, and make a fortune, or should they say no, make her human again, not say a word about her possible fate, and leave it at that? Of course, there is the chance that if they made her human, told her about the offer, that she would volunteer to be turned into said robot wife, but unless she’s me, I cant see her saying yes to that!

Fine, I’m going to use a get out clause, write 2 endings, and let people choose which one they prefer, or simply just read the one most likely to appeal to them. But me, I want to let her free, but in truth, if I was offered $10 million, to leave someone as a robot, hmm, tough call? Mind, if I left her as a robot wife, it might make me one of these

Sign my name. Which one?

For the last month or so, you could say I’ve been living a double life. Officially I’m Harlean Stephanie Carpenter, but when it comes to job applications, I’m still Stevie Lou Nicholls. Why? Simple, you have to show ID, to prove who you are when you go to register for jobs, or at interviews, and of course, I’ve still been operating off my old passport up until now, which is fine, and then you have to sign a form, and I start thinking which name am I signing here?

Thankfully, now I’m reaching a point where I can risk sending off the passport for a few weeks or so, and get the change done, because of the season, and events. Yes, lets face it, no one is going to start you working just before Christmas, or indeed before the New Year, now. So after one assessment next week (when I might need it), and one medical screening (where I will need it) that needs to be arranged tomorrow, for early next week, I can take a chance, and send the old passport away, and await the return of the new one.

Should the latter happen, I’m going to be in a clinic for a few days at the beginning of the New Year anyway, so I wont even need it then. And hey, if its the job, hopefully I can get someone to get an early print of the old passport, or be patient for a few days, and get the new one, which will be wonderful.

Up until now, I’ve been using Stephanie formally, despite the evidence, and no one seems to mind. Whether, once I have the new passport, I really take on the name, Harlean, I’ll wait and see how comfortably it sits with me. But its definitely growing on me, so…I might!

But yes, it will be wonderful when I dont have to think which name I’m going to sign, because I will only have one again, a name I am truly proud of, Harlean Stephanie Carpenter. Sounds wonderful!

The video relates to the issue I’ve been having, which name to sign, but not for much longer.

A new way of learning languages

Yes, a blog inspired by a Facebook passing of words, with a company I’ve followed for a while, where whoever does their social media, seems a good person. Hager Group, stand up, and be proud.

They are a group who design and create equipment for electrical installations, a subject matter of no interest to me whatsoever. Yes, that comment is very tongue in cheek, though maybe the type of electrical installation I’d like to be connected up to, isnt one that they design lol!

In the last few days, they’ve actually been advertising for staff on Facebook, the snag for me being that none at present are available in the UK. Plenty in France, and Germany, but I’ve never learnt German in my life, and its about 40 years since I used French on any sort of basis. Frustrating, I know, but such is life at present, I guess? But yes, wouldnt it so appeal to me, in so many ways, if I could just get a neural download, in either, or both languages, and get a job that way? I know, give it another 20 years or so, and you probably will, but for now…

Oh, and fine, I might be one of very few people in the world who would really enjoy that being downloaded into their mind, but besides all that…As they told me, I dont have to go ‘into the Matrix’ to get a job with them, though I wouldnt mind doing so, all the same. Fine, I’ve sent my CV to them, on a chance basis, in case any UK jobs come up, but for now…

Also, given the current imbalance in what jobs people can do, and what jobs people are needed to do, wouldnt it be great if I could be trained in that way for a new career? 😉

Oh, I’ve got an interview on Thursday, another call centre job, hopefully, assuming I get it, it works out better than the last one, which I’m trying to forget! No, I’m sure its not my dream job, but I’m not sure what is at the moment. Well, mad scientist’s guinea pig, but beyond that…

Oh fine, you know me, any excuse to play some OMD. I guess this fits in more with forgetting the last awful job, but its fair to say that the same machine that makes you forget everything, would be the one to reeducate you as well. Interesting combo, the extended Part 1, the normal length Part 2, and the much less heard parts 3 and 4, far shorter than the others. Just listen to as little, or as much as you wish.

And yes, if anyone does know of a way to brainwash, upgrade my thoughts, or both, let me know, I’d love the whole journey! 😉

(Part 1 is the best, but part 3 especially sounds like a brainwashing machine being used, so…)