I wonder, its frightening. A glimpse towards 2016

Yes, I know, its a couple of days early, but there’s a good reason for that, more on that at the end of the blog. Facebook, and Twitter followers know already, but for those who dont…! Normally this is a cheery event, but circumstances mean its less so this time around.

As I mentioned in the last blog, if you’d told me at the end of March, that I’d still be out of work heading into 2016, I would have laughed at you. Fine, I’m not laughing now! I’m not yet at breaking point financially, but its beginning to get that way, about 10 weeks, I guess, looking at figures, unless I find money from somewhere! Fingers crossed that Miss Carpenter has a lot more joy in finding a job, than Ms Nicholls has! Yes, I’ve now done a few applications in my new name, though until the passport actually arrives, ID issues might be fun for interviews, or registrations! Hopefully, early next week, that will cease to be an issue at least.

Most other events in 2016, in all honesty, depend on either getting a job, a benefactor, a partner (or Master/ Mistress), or a lottery win. Fine, apart from the first, I guess chances are slim? There is one possible Master at present, as a hypno-bot, but thats about it. If it comes to fruition, I’d love it, but given my past record in dreams coming true, I’m not holding my breath! Yes, I’d love it to be as a real robot, but we have to be practical lol.

If not, I might chance one of these dating websites, if I can find one for free, and see if I can find a wealthy, short sighted person who wants to fall in love with me. But no, I’m not a prize capture, lets face it. If I was a 25 year old clone of Jean Harlow, then maybe, but I’m only a 57 year old lookalike! Ah well…

If the money situation clears itself, then the planned holiday in May, is New England, with my friend, Kate. But yes, that requires a money input, pretty soon! Later in the year, no idea, the dream would be a long stay in Hollywood, but that might require planning, especially if I’m working. If I’m not working, well, I have no idea where I’ll be, anyway. Well, unless I have a benefactor, or a lottery win anyway lol. Yes, stop laughing!

OK, the last thing, and the one I find most fanciful, comes from a Psychic friend on Facebook. She tells me, I’m going to get a call, and end up living, and working out there, in Hollywood. Would be heaven, and I’d love her to be right, but in all practicality…this is me, we are talking about. There is also one wonderful man who would love me to go to Long Island in March, and make a personal appearance, as Jean Harlow, before a showing of Red Headed Woman. There are age issues, strictly, there are height issues (I’m 7″ taller, and 30 years older than Jean), but agreed, it would be wonderful, and I’m sure a good make up artist could at least create the illusion of a middle aged Harlow at least, or maybe I could be her Mother, that could work? But yes, that would take money, so probably not!

Mind, if anyone with too much money wants me to start a campaign for that? Thought not!

But yes, I wonder what will happen in 2016? Maybe I finally get to become a robot, even if only a hypno-bot, but it would be a wonderful start. That thought is far from frightening, but the money issue is beginning to be one. So yes, that leads to the video.

Yes, fine, as I mentioned, I’m doing this early for a purpose. The last blog of the year, feel free to suggest a subject you’d like to hear me waffle on. Only condition, its something I can easily type about 600 words on, and thats it, the rest is up to you. Comment here, send it by Twitter at @harleanlook, or on my Facebook page at Harlean Carpenter, or as more likely from past experience, do nothing at all. Be a devil, and just come back in 2 days time, and see what I selected.

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