I cant remember my old name!

OK, maybe thats a slight exaggeration, as today was the day I could finally abandon the pretense of being Stevie Nicholls, at long last. Yes, the final job interview in that name is done, the CV, job email sites, and NI number are all now, or will soon be, in my new name at long last. The passport will now go off tomorrow, as I couldnt face going out again this afternoon, to send it off. I have to go out, and get a couple of small presents tomorrow, so I will do it all then.

Yes, for the first time in just over a month, I only have to concern myself with one name, that being Harlean Carpenter. Hey, I’m even going to start letting people call me Harlean now, if they want to, as I’m not trying to keep the 2 names roughly aligned any more. Now, if anyone can do a mind meld for me, so that the 2 Harlean Carpenter’s can be molded into one, yes, I’d love it. Not going to happen though, is it, sadly.

But if anyone fancies erasing all my memories of my old identity, using this, or any other delicious method, feel free to do so. In fact, please do! Would be the best present I could get!

Mind, I say its just over a month, but in truth, its about 3, in all. Pretty much since I came back from New England, I settled into my new identity, other than when I had to use passport ID! Best night was the night, a friend of mine, introduced me as, and called me Harlean all evening, that was heaven! Thanks so much, Eden!
Yes, I’m really looking forward to that first flight, as Harlean, just so much!

Right, the video. Its where the play on the title of the blog comes from. Yes, I can say it, my name is Harlean Carpenter. And all I wanted was a flight, to Hollywood!

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