Once in a lifetime? Same as it ever was?

Yes, absolutely no prizes for working out what the song is tonight, from that title. Live version though, definitely a different feel.

So fine, as of about 2.30 this afternoon, you could say I chose the ‘same as it ever was’ option, when I got the email confirming the details of when, and where I was to turn up to start job training on Saturday. Officially, that choice was made last night, but until that email arrived, I wasnt ever quite sure, given the parent company involved, and the fun I’ve had with job applications with them before. I know, I know, it was my choice (I’d still say it might be more fun if it wasnt, but…), but in the end it was fait accompli, given I could get no confirmation I would definitely be on the clinical research study. If I was, I’d have picked that, no hesitation, but there was no way I could say no to this, then not get on the study, so…I took the easy option!

If the future shows, that at the end of the month, I’m kept on, for as long as I want to be there, then I guess it will be proved to be a wise call. If it only ends up being for 1 month, then yes, you will probably hear me screaming, all around the world! Hopefully, if the latter should happen, I can get on a trial next year, but it would be back to point A, and all that, even assuming I can find something suitable, with a decent length stay in a clinic.

Strictly, if I heard tomorrow, that I was going to be on the trial, it would be a hard choice. I would be tempted to burn my bridges, do the trial, and then take my job chances in the new year. But would this rather large group blacklist me for doing so, and limit my chances then, who knows? But practically, the matter wont arise, been pretty much told it will be the beginning of next week before they choose the lucky ones, and by then, too late!

Yes, I know, I should feel pleased (for at least a month or so) that I’ve got a job, but just at this moment, its hard to do so, knowing I’m missing out on that probable ‘once in a lifetime’ moment, that I’d so built myself up for. But good ‘robot’ logic said, that if you only have 1 sure offer, you have to take it. But will I regret this decision, at least for quite a while, you bet I will!

And to rub it in more, I was going to get hypnotised on Saturday morning, and now that wont happen either! Fine, I shouldnt need destressing now that I’ve got a job, but…

Fine, the video. Yes, as I say, you’ve worked out the song, brilliant one. Live show from 1980

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