Singing out with one voice

You would have thought that by now, I would have covered just about every mind control genre going. Well, until this weekend, there was definitely one I hadnt attempted, the hive mind. As you can gather from that comment, that record has now been put straight.

Mind, compared to some, my hive mind was a pretty tame affair. Firstly, only 4 women were ever involved, and secondly, their minds were only interlinked totally for a couple of days, no more. Yes, I know, but its CJ, one of my favourite characters (hardly surprising, given she’s the modern day version of Clara Johnson) involved, so I cant afford to lose her forever. But yes, I’m positive that CJ is as kinky as me, and she certainly seemed to enjoy the whole event.

As things stand, the only place that this, her previous adventure, and a couple of frolics using a 30’s version of Jean Harlow (and other various Hollywood actress of that era) can be seen, is at the MC Garden. I may well in time, combine the 4 of them, put them in an ebook, and post them up. Its a case of I couldnt post them all on the Archive, because of the 2 including real people. Still, $2.99 for 4 stories, of Hollywood mischief, surely its worth it? We’ll see, they would need to go to my editor first, anyway, before publication.

But yes, lets get back to the concept of the hive mind. I have no idea what it would be like, even having the thoughts of just 3 other women in your head, as your minds, and being become intertwined as one, but it would be interesting to discover. Fine, like CJ, I’d prefer it (at first, at least) to only be a temporary thing, though of course generally, once your mind is wrapped in a hive, you dont get it back. And also, generally, the thoughts controlling the hive mind, generally arent yours! Interesting though, in a true hive, it would be an amalgam of all members, but it never is, all just doing as the Queen wishes. So how does this Queen get elected? No idea, but I think I’d prefer being one of the mindless drones in that scenario, for sure.

Oh, and if you’re offering me a call centre to work in, can I please work here?

Now that really would be the dream job!

Yes, I’m still looking, battling through after another pair of rejections last week. An Admin job interview tomorrow, fingers crossed. Though yes, you’re right, ideally now, I get to be a clinical research guinea pig, before I start work! Yes, I really do want to do that, crazy as it might sound to some.

But yes, if anyone, anywhere, is looking for volunteers to have their mind linked with others, on a temporary, or even a permanent basis, please let me know, I’d love it, even while I was capable of doing so. Once I’m part of the hive… šŸ˜‰

Lastly, the video. What a good hive does, thinks with one mind, speaks with one voice!


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