Doubling my job opportunities

Yes, I am still around, I know, been a while. Not really been much to say, but anyway…

The last week or so has been a fine example of improving your job hunting chances. In other words, for me at least, it means dipping my feet in the jobs water, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Yes, a couple of places have advertised for jobs starting in November, so I’ve thrown off a few applications. OK, when one of them came back to me, they actually wanted someone to start a week on Monday, but…a couple of others actually had November starting dates. So, yesterday, off I went for one of those group interview things in Bradford. I thought it went fine, but not heard anything back, so…

The other is in Huddersfield, starting the Monday after I get back, and of course, the online tests were easy for me. Which leads to the phone interview, and those ‘wonderful’ competency questions at the end. From somewhere came 2 brilliant answers, and I now have an assessment thing on Tuesday morning, so the only question now is when I pack, especially as I want to take the ‘interview dress’ with me, just in case.

On the Hollywood side of things, nothing as glam, though you could say I had an, err, interview of sorts this afternoon. Not what I would really call it, but more on that shortly. No, not proper jobs (as such), simply a matter of signing up with various entertainment related agencies in the area, and seeing what develops. Not to say that if a ‘normal’ job came up, that I wouldnt take a chance, but anyway…

Oh, this afternoon. Well, yesterday one of these people saw a picture of me on Twitter, and liked what he saw. Asked for more pictures, so I sent him some. Hey, if that gets me work, whats the effort of attaching a few pics to an email, and sending it off. So, he wants to talk on Skype. So yes, as you guessed, not something I have ever bothered with, so hastily download it. A 2 way chat, in more senses than one. I’m trying to take it in a direction that leads to me getting work, he’s trying to take it off in a cyber sex, and sexy photo direction. Anyway, after an hour or so of this, I make my excuses, and go, so not holding out much hope that I’m going to get serious work there! Ah well…

So thats it, nothing more exciting to tell you, but at least you’re up to date.

The video, what I need an employer to do, though not the Abba version. But, you could say it looks like it, so…

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