Super hero(ine)s in movies

Alright, this is sort of a step on from the equality in Hollywood rant a couple of blogs back. When you look at all the super heroes in the movies, have you noticed one thing, its nearly all men! And even when, for example, Batgirl gets into a movie, its really only as a secondary role to Batman, lets face it. And yes, as to the like of Power Girl, et al, getting a movie of their own, I wish!

Fine, its action stuff (though there is no reason women couldnt do it, especially given the amount of the action nowadays that is CGI anyway), but wouldnt men like to see a woman in a cute super suit, giving it out to the villains? But like far too much else in that city, its pretty much just jobs for the boys, sadly. And beyond Cat Woman, how many good female villains get a decent part either? I know, Halle Berry is enough to put anyone off Cat Woman in a movie, but Michelle Pfeiffer?

Anyway, what was asked was what Super Heroine we ladies fancied being? I cant remember the 4 options (pretty sure it was Bat Girl, Super Woman, Cat Woman and one other, Black Orchid, maybe?), and I chose Bat Girl. Yes, the outfit might have played a part in that decision, but anyway…

Then someone picked one that wasnt on the list, and I jokingly commented that I’d only picked from the list! So the obvious reply, well, who do you want to be then? I quickly checked Wikipedia, and to my disappointment, discovered there had never been a Robot Girl. Still, I mentioned it, and got asked what sort of uniform I fancied. I suggested something combining Maria from Metropolis, combined with Iron Man. No idea what it would look like, but it sounds fun! Got a bit of agreement on the matter, but of course now I’m wondering how it would look? So, if there are any designers out there, want to create it on paper, I’d love to see it. Fine, I’d love to wear it as well, but at least seeing how someone would design it might be fun.

So, expert or otherwise, feel free to create, and email to me at or put it in a comment on here.

Looking at it (there are a couple of possibles before then), this time next week I will either be booking, or have booked that 4 week stay in the US, almost certainly Hollywood. If air fares go crazy, or there is a mass of small apartment bookings, it might not happen, and who knows, a job might even happen too. But otherwise…

Mind, might be fun, having my photos taken on Hollywood Boulevard, as Robot Girl, I must say. 😉

OK, the most apt video I could think of.

Anyone want to be my cheerleader?

Lets see how good your memories are? You remember a couple of blogs back, discussing the concept of if the job situation played out, I could take a 4 week break, and take up residence in Hollywood? Yes, thats right, just back beyond the one where I requested female equality from the powers to be there, thats the one!

To be honest, the last couple of days, I’ve been taking review of that situation, and realising that maybe I need a time out from the insanity of job hunting anyway. Yes, its getting to me, and as someone who has suffered with depression in the past, I guess I need to be careful on that front. No, not ghastly pharmaceutical drugs, I got by last time around with St Johns Wort, and I’m pretty sure I can do so again. I do actually have one tablet, but as its over 5 years old, I’m not planning on taking it. Maybe get some new ones, but not one that old, thanks.

So fine, I’ve made a decision, based on the fact that I will need to get both flights, and apartment sorted out well in advance, that if I havent got anything in progress by the weekend of 15/16 August, I’m taking that break, before my sanity goes pop! Given the split on Job Centre visits, the 21st will have decent enough details, given its a fortnightly thing, and the one after that, I will be beginning the process of signing off for my holiday anyway, so with luck, they wont check too hard. Yes, 5 weeks tomorrow, the build up to my holiday in New England begins!

Well, OK, you’ve worked it out, havent you? No sooner do I decide I am going to take that break in Hollywood, than I get offered an interview. Tomorrow morning, in fact, having only applied for it this morning. Dont worry, this one is fine, its one of the utility companies over here, so its good. Of course, I still have to pass the interview (including the ‘loved’ competency questions), so we will see. Other thing that has struck me, though I’m not sure if its exactly the same role, is that on their website, there is mention of a 6 week training period, and as I say, 5 weeks today…freedom! Agency know this, but anyway…? Otherwise, it wouldnt affect that assessment on the 20th, they dont want me until November anyway. There is supposedly one other thing in line, but like another agency I could name, the interview dates seem to keep getting put back, but not happening, but anyway…As far as I can see, thats a company thats always employing, so I suspect delaying my start might not concern either party there?

Yes, I will keep fighting the good fight until next weekend at least, but after that, a decision will be made, and I’m pretty certain it will be the sanity keeping one! Who knows, might get offered a job in Hollywood lol, cant be much less fruitful than the search over here!

The video, and this is where my personal cheerleader creeps in. I’d not found this video to this song before, nor an extended version, so…

Equality in Hollywood

Yes, I know, movies arent made in Hollywood any more, or not to the same degree as they were in the “good old days” at least. Besides which, so much of the stuff nowadays is done by computer graphics, and special effects, that it wouldnt feel the same as it did for Harlow, Gable, Loy, Powell and others back in the 30’s if I made one now, anyway. But yes, all the same, the chance to tread in Jean’s footsteps would be heaven.

I must admit, as a none too avid watcher of modern movies, until April, I had no idea how male dominated the whole movie industry is. No, it doesnt surprise me really, but its disappointing all the same. Ah yes, that last evening of my holiday in Hollywood, I sold my talents to Hollywood. Alright, fine, I didnt, but I was privileged to meet a good gathering of people who work under the banner of ‘Women In Media’, to arrange opportunities for those seeking work in the industry, and to provide an entertaining evening once a month. And yes, I went up, mentioned my writing skills, mentioned that I could work well as a Harlow lookalike, then left it to the professionals to do their piece. I’m glad to say that I met some wonderful people (not only women) that night, and if I do get back in October, hopefully I can meet at least some of them again.

One wonderful gentleman either wanted to meet up with for coffee, or maybe it was lunch? I cant remember, it was over 3 months ago, and I am blonde, so…? But I’m told, jokingly I trust, that actually having that meet 6 months later wouldnt be that extraordinary! I’m only hoping one of the group leaders of Women In Media know who it was, or maybe he will shout out himself, who knows?

Anyway, in the last few days, they’ve started a new group on Twitter, and Facebook, called WomenOccupyHollywood. Yes, no gaps, probably because on Twitter, you need every character you can get! They are also on Facebook too, under the same name, go search them out.

Yes, we might all be termed feminists, but only in the true sense, that we want the chance of equality, not superiority. Alright, there might be some who’d like us to go all Dominatrix on them, but anyway… Just to say that whether I work in Hollywood as an actress, a screen writer, or anything else, I dont expect things to be biased in my favour, I just want a fair chance, and women arent getting that in Hollywood at present.

OK, fine, I might have enjoyed it if they had been a Femme Domme society, that brainwashed me into being a man hating lesbian, but they were nothing of the sort. As I say, all types, men very welcome too, and I had a wonderful time. But yes, if anyone in charge in Hollywood should read this, just give women the chance we deserve!

The video? Pretty much what this will hopefully lead to women doing. Just audio tonight, as it wasnt a Dire Straits single

Oh, and lastly, for the last time, given its only got 3 days to go, my fundraising campaign, to help pay for my forthcoming name change. If you have a few pounds, dollars, or euros to spare, please consider me. Yes, I know, you’ll have to calculate the money in sterling, I could only set it up for 1 currency. That link

A residence in Hollywood? Just maybe?

A funny thing happened during my job hunting this week. Normally, when you apply for a job, the start is going to be (relatively) soon, exactly how soon depending on the whims, and needs of your potential employers. But the job that I should have registered for on Monday, and been assessed on Tuesday, but for events mentioned earlier in the week, wouldnt actually start until November. Why, because it would be working at the brand spanking new shopping centre in Bradford, which only actually opens to the public on the 5th November. Yes, the Westfield shopping centre, only a “few” years late is finally going to open for business! Guess what, they are looking for concierge agents already, well in advance.

Good news, on Thursday, when I got there, seems there are still vacancies. And there will be an assessment day, for those roles on the 20th. And if you pass, you hear soon after, great stuff. The thing is, thats quite a gap between getting the job, and starting work, and getting paid. I know, I could look for something temporary in the meanwhile, and maybe I would, and should. Though as mentioned before, finding anything at present, for someone of my age, quite challenging! And as an ex workmate has already discovered, our ‘Dear Leader PM’ has decided that for whatever reason you’re not genuinely job hunting, you’re not going to get paid benefits. Lovely chap, so glad I didnt vote for him (yes, sarcasm alert there). So they might get equally feisty with me, probably would, such a ghastly bunch!

In the mean while, I’m carrying on the search for more current jobs, though I’m beginning to get to that ghastly window where employers arent going to be so keen on me, given I’m going away on holiday in 6 weeks time, and those with longer training periods arent going to be interested. Already had one, agency enquired this week, no holidays in first 8 weeks, and I havent even started the process yet!

So, as is my way, I started thinking laterally. Dangerous thing I know, but all the same. No, I dont mean thinking, but if anyone wants to solve that problem, offering me a position, I wouldnt say no! No, I meant the lateral thinking bit lol. Suppose I know I’ve got a job at the end of August, which doesnt start till the beginning of November, what options does it open up? Well, given the fact I’ve been pretty miserly with my redundancy money, one idea came to me. A month away, in the US, in my own rented apartment somewhere, living like a local, with a local address (of sorts). And yes, Hollywood did come to mind, though a couple of other West Coast cities also came to mind (Seattle, San Francisco) because lets face it, for a week, they are a lot of travelling. But for 4 weeks, hmm… And before you say that I’ve only recently spent 10 days in Hollywood, believe me when I say I barely scraped the LA area in that time. Long Beach, Anaheim, Burbank, most of down town…not at all.

Friends have even found me a couple of sites, with plenty of suitable places to rest my head wherever I choose to. But given how badly this job hunt has gone, can you seriously see this playing out as I’m planning it? I wish! Mind, if I could find a call centre that was prepared to interview me now, offer me a job to start in November, that would be handy! Its not like these places dont recruit all the time, but I suspect ‘regulations’ wouldnt permit it.

But yes, I must admit, it didnt take long (a matter of hours, in all honesty) for the idea to grow on me, if I could work it. Yes, even if its not truly my place, the idea of having a Hollywood address of my own, even for just 4 weeks, would be wonderful.

OK, I’ll wake up to the reality now, its not going to happen, I’m sure, but I can wish, and plot…No, I’m sure the dream wont go as far as finding a job in LA lol, but again…! If someone wants me to dress up as Iron Man (girl) or something, and have photos taken, I wouldnt say no. Not sure the Jean Harlow look would be popular enough nowadays.

Right, the video. A room (or more strictly, an apartment) with a Hollywood view? Wouldnt that be something, if only for 4 glorious weeks