Answer me…please!

Oh fine, to the shock of no one, I didnt get that job. And yes, the number of unshocked people does include myself. I even got that classic line again, about having done really well, but not getting the position. So having screamed, beaten my head against my laptop (I may be exaggerating here), and everything else, I decided that I was going to get that sanity break after all. So yes, I checked all the figures again, and 4 weeks would work, or should do, as much as I can tell with pen and paper. In reality, we will see, but the deed is done, I’m going! And that was the moment that the next frustrating snag kicked in.

I had looked at apartments, and had found one, at a reasonable price, that fitted my needs. Fine, it wasnt in Hollywood, but it wasnt that far away, so I enquired. Yes, fine, even pre approved for my booking, when I was ready. Snag was, by the time I got to try and book it, someone had beaten me to it. Still, not to be defeated, I had somewhere else in mind. Just on the edge of Hollywood, a nicer cottage in fact, but a bit more pricey, and I was trying to keep costs down, but anyway…I applied. Now, according to Airbnb, this guy had a 100% reply rate (which could be 1 of 1, of course), within a day. Approaching a day and a half, I’ve had no reply. No fine, no, I dont want you, just nothing. So therefore, after 24 hours, my request expired. I have dropped him an email, in case he’s been away, or busy, or something, to keep up my interest, but still not a word.

So I looked again! New renter, even nicer apartment than his place, so I’ve applied. 4 hours later, I’m still waiting to hear! Still, hopefully before her 24 hours are up, I will! And yes, I spotted a couple of others that would be nice, a bit further out of town, but not drastically so, and made note. If need be, one of those will be next, but I hope it doesnt come to that!

Anyway, now you know!

Right, the video. I would dearly have loved to have found a live version of the original David Whitfield version, but given that was 1953, not surprisingly, I hit a blank. Still, it must be said that Barbara Dickson did a pretty good cover version of it.

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