At home in Hollywood

Alright, its not actually booked yet, I’ll tell you why in a moment, but if you asked my opinion on matters, then yes, you might as well say I’ll be a Hollywood resident, for 4 weeks at least. Oh, wouldnt it be wonderful if it turned into a much longer stay, but I think those sort of Hollywood dreams stopped happening a while back! But…

Yesterday afternoon, I got the news I’d heard a few times before. Yes, you did really well at the interview, but… you havent got a job! Apparently I impressed (again), but I was up against people who had done that sort of council work before, and I narrowly lost out. So fine, get on with it, check the finances (they look like they can cope with 4 weeks, btw), and get it booked, you say. And I would, but for 1 thing. Yes, another interview. I know, shouldnt have agreed to it, but it was before I knew I hadnt got the other job, so…I said yes! its not even full time, but at 28 hours a week (with chances to work more), I could get by on it. Even more so if I found something for at least 1 more day a week. But…

I know, I know. When they discover about my holiday in 2 and a half weeks, they’re going to give it to someone more readily available. But I’m not sure how soon they want someone to start, given it took them a complete calendar month to get back to me after application. And over 2 weeks after the job officially closed. But another month, from now, I doubt it. But fine, I’m going to wait until Tuesday, or Wednesday before booking, just because…

The good news, I’m prepped. Flights selected, and worked out, for 2, 3, or the much preferred 4 week stay. If its 4, I need to fly out on 29th Sept, as return flight prices shoot up for the Thursday (over £200), and there is nothing for the weekend, but the lesser options, I would fly out on the 1st October. And I’ve got a 1-2-3 list of residences sorted out too. So all I need, is the confirmation to book, and California, here I come!

And yes, thats the video. A 1928 orchestra version, I resisted Al Jolson.


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