Running up that hill in personal life

Yes, as I mentioned not so long ago, its got to the point where the job hunting thing has got to me, and turned into a battle that I need a break from. Well, at least now, all my plans are seemingly sorted out, just have to see which way the wind blows over the next week.

I had an interview on Wednesday, for a job in a travel company call centre I’d love to get. Snag, it does involve some up selling, and I havent sold anything for 6 years, so I suspect I’m running up a metaphysical hill, in hoping to get that one, but fingers crossed. A couple of other agencies (one after a couple of weeks, another after a couple of months!) seem to have interviews potentially coming up very soon in the next week too. On top of that, a couple of possible council openings in call centres, so we will see. The one thing all of these have in common, they want me to start on Monday week, the 24th August. So I’ll need to know whats happening by the end of next week…presumably? And a week today, in the morning, is signing on at the Job Centre. There will be another, a fortnight later, but given that my contact knows I’ll be going on holiday less than a week later, well, I can hardly look while abroad, bit hard to contact me lol.

So, all in all, its settled. If I have nothing positive by next Friday lunchtime (stop laughing!), I’ll be booking that stay in Hollywood, providing prices dont go totally against me in that time. Only question now, in that sense, is how many weeks? I’m still tempted to make it 4, but reality might kick in, and I’ll cut it back to a fortnight. But for now, yes, I’m planning on 4. Cant be any harder finding a job lol! Yes, flights selected, preferred apartment selected, so now its just waiting a week, and seeing, and…

Ideal world, I get a job offer starting mid October, or early November, and the matter solves itself, but that would be way too easy!

Right the video, a real rare gem for you, Kate Bush live! The song, as so often, look at the blog title


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