Just connect my brain to your computer system, preferred option!

I never thought I’d say it of a job interview process that it would be more pleasant, and far less time consuming to simply have my mind wired into a computer system (including electrode fitting time/invasive surgery, I might add) than go through a formal assessment for a job interview, but I can now! Hey, if it was for MI6, then I could understand caution, but for a call centre role…rolls eyes! And yes, I can comment accordingly, I already know I havent got the job, so…Hardly surprising, with what I went through, by the time I got to the formal interview, they’d worn me down totally!

It started off fine, with the guided tour of all the floors in the building that the company worked in. Ironically, the last one we were shown was the one where, if we got the job, was where we’d be working, but anyway… After that, we did a group exercise, what we didnt know until afterwards was that at least 2 other members (of the 7) had instructions directly in conflict with our own. So in 20 minutes, nothing practical got done, and we were all frazzled by the battle we’d been put through.

After that, the role play. What I’m discovering with these is that you are meant to know details way beyond the basic for these things, without providing us with any details. So you fight your way through, not knowing more than the very basic details you need to play with, its hard work. Fine, I still had more details than 1 potential employer wanted to provide me with, but anyway… It was at this point that 1 of our group decided she’d had enough, told her inquisitor that she was taking a minute out, and then told us she was walking out, she’d had enough! Seemingly I wasnt the only one who could see things her way, either. Anyway, the other 6 of us stuck it out.

To say the ‘two on one’ interview afterwards was a psychological battle, would be to put it mildly. Normally you feel that the interviewers at least want you to do well, but this time around, it felt like they were trying to catch you out. So by the time (this is after about 3.5 hours) they got to the competency questions, I was so beaten up, that I didnt give great answers, totally worn down.

In the email, it was suggested I could apply again in the future for roles, but I dont think I could face that again, knowing what would happen at the test!

Yes, fine, I would enjoy having my mind wired up to a machine, and having my thoughts tapped to deal with all their questions, and tests. Hey, even if it involved invasive wiring of my mind to do it, instead of having that again, I’d happily take it! At least I’d enjoy the whole experience far more that way! How anyone gets through that process sane, I have no idea! All for call centre work. I’d hate to apply for the CEO job at that place, in that case!

Yes, the only way they will ever get me back again, IS if they off to connect my mind to a helmet/machine, and tap my thoughts for the answers they are seeking. Job or no, I’d love that process at least. More than can be said for, that.

Fine, the video. One of my all time faves. Always In My Mind might be more apt, but anyway, close enough


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