Medical research positions, hmm?

Yes, tomorrow, I’m back in the role of job hunting again, with a pair of ‘proper’ interviews, in other words, ones where you are in the same room as the interviewer, not talking to someone down a phone. Yes, I had one of those on Monday, and didnt get any further. I know, I know, its the modern trend, but I hate them, and combined with the jet lag, ah well!

There is another local job where the people tried to get hold of me while I was away, who are meant to be getting back to me, but I’m still waiting.

To be honest, in hindsight, one of them probably doesnt have a lot going for it, for me. It said it was in Wakefield city centre (it isnt), and though they say its not cold call selling, its certainly tepid call selling at best, to me. People who have a certain amount of free insurance,, to see if they want to take out more. And looking at the transport situation, it might be fun getting to and from work anyway. So I will probably go tomorrow (what the hell), but cant see it as a long term option in all honesty.

The other one, in Leeds, appeals to me far more. As you might have gathered from the title, its a medical research company, and would involve calling people who have applied to take part in trials, to see if they are suitable, and if so, book them in for the courses. Should be quite interesting, and something very different to anything I’ve done up till now.

Of course, when you’ve written as much mind control, and sci-fi stuff as I have, the whole meaning of the term, medical research, can be looked at in a very different way! And given that I have got a 2 hour window, for a job interview, I’m wondering if they do any research on the job applicants! Might be a way of ensuring you get the perfect staff, who never want to leave, but anyway…lol! OK, fine, you’re right, I’d love every minute of it if they did, and I’m sure I would after the ‘research’ had been done on me!

So yes, the black dress will be coming out tomorrow, though it will be low heels, not the high heels, given how long the day will be, and the amount of walking I might have to do. I’m sure I wont be in a silver, metallic body suit by the end of the day, but a girl can fantasise, cant she? 😉 Brainwashed, obedient call centre drone/hive mind, too much to hope for!

Still, if they set me up in a pod like this, I might not be trying to escape!

transformation chamber

The video, oh I should be so lucky that this is the kind of research involved, on me at least

Other than that, sign on at the Job Centre on Friday morning, as my notice period ends on Sunday, so I can now (hopefully not for long) claim job seekers allowance. Beyond that, there is a ‘before’ and ‘after’ modelling thing at a Salon Foundation over in Bradford on Friday afternoon I’m tempted by, but I’m not sure how long the Job Centre thing will take, so tricky to commit to.

But if I’m making bleeping noises the next time I’m on here… 😉

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