Those magnificent men in their flying machines

Hey, even at the grand old age of 57, it seems I can learn something new.

Sometimes, when I’ve been crossing the US by plane, the visibility, even from over 30,000 feet up, has been remarkably clear. Of course, when crossing the Rockies for example, the ground is a lot closer than 30,000 feet away, but anyway…

What I have seen, a few times on the ground, in the middle of nowhere, are these large arrows on the ground, and I had no idea what they were there for, until today, when I read this

It makes you realise just how much flying has changed in less than a century, doesnt it? A lot more dangerous it was back then too, and none of these pressurised cabin pleasures we have today.

I have no idea what flying was like back then, but I suspect it was very much edge of the seat stuff, somehow. Back then, there was no radar, or anything like that, and even radio communication was very basic, I suspect. And these men flew planes (with plenty of stops) across America, delivering the mail. And these arrows, and beacons were part of their guidance system.

Sadly, and inevitably, as you can see from this article, there are very few that survive today. Hardly shocking, given the intensive farming methods used today, the much increased areas of land given over to housing and the like, but still these few arrows, give us a glimpse back of what flying was like, nearly a century ago?

The video, sums up what these brave men really were

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