The end of a working era

Yes, this is your last blog for a while (hopefully not too lengthy a period) as a working girl. Sunday is my last day before I get made redundant at work, and I havent got anything lined up yet. Mainly because, over here, employers are none too enthusiastic about taking people on who have got a 10 day holiday lined up, only 2 weeks into your new role. So even assuming that at my age, I found something straight away, they wouldnt have been enthused on employing me before then.

So I plan to start looking next week, and hopefully I can get something lined up for when I get back. Officially, with my notice period, I’m paid up to the 3rd May anyway. So, until then, I’m not really out of work lol! Lets face it, there will be a few people I will miss, some I wont, and a few in between!

Being practical, at my age, and with my recent working record, its probably going to have to be a call centre again. I’d love a new challenge, but in your late fifties, you wont find many employers willing to take a chance that way, especially with the current state of the market. The only other potential option at present is a hypnotherapist course, in the middle of May, but given I’d be an absolute beginner, we will have to wait and see,

Of course, I might find employment in Hollywood, and pigs might fly! Would be wonderful, but really not going to happen, I suspect.

It will be strange, walking out for the last time, after nearly 6 years, but it has to be done. But on Sunday, at 6.30, it will happen!

The good news, or otherwise, depending on how you feel about it, I might get chance to get some writing done again.

The video, well, you could say that at my age, this really isnt an employment option lol!


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