I promise to only use my hypnotic powers for good

Well, maybe? 😉

Yes, in the fiction posted over at the EMCSA site, men, and women use fictional hypnotic powers for all sorts of wicked deeds, mostly involving them having sex with other people. Given my lack of interest in sex, I have no plans to do that to anyone, but, bending someone to totally obey my will, oh, I wish! Just as well its all fiction, isnt it?

But little me, using hypnosis to actually benefit people, why not? Well, assuming I’m as good on that side of the matter as I am at falling into a deep trance when the need arises. Or some would say, given how easily I go under in person, maybe I dont even need to go that far!

Yes, in my search for a new job, under the file of looking for something different to call centre work, or data inputting, I signed up today to do a beginners course on Hypnotherapy, in May, in Huddersfield. It should be interesting, it will definitely be something new, and exciting, thats for sure. Whether I prove to be any good at it, we will have to wait and see!

I know how much good hypnotherapy has done me, and if I can help somebody in the same way, wouldnt that be wonderful?

Oh, fine, if it doesnt work out as a life career, and I need to do a job interview, well, I might ‘convince’ someone to give me a job lol! But otherwise…angel…

The only other news of note, given the lack of job by April, I’ve decided to extend my trip to Hollywood to 10 days. I’m currently in the middle of trying to sort out the hotel arrangements, already booked for 7 days, so I can extend them. Should be fine, but only snag is the class of room I’ve booked for the week, isnt available all the extra 3 nights, and ideally, I want 1 room for the 10 days. Hopefully Choice Hotels, and I can sort something amicably about this, as I’m happy to pay the extra. It was a non cancellable booking, or I could just cancel, and book the other room for 10 days, but as I say, that doesnt work here!

Oh, and the other luxury, not quite Harlow class, but an upgrade on economy, will be my flight. No, without a job to come back to, I cant fly business class, I might need the money, but premium economy, oh yes! So, by my standards, I will be flying in luxury with Virgin Atlantic, and Delta. As someone who has never flown anything other than economy, it should be quite interesting, and I’m sure my creaky joints will enjoy the extra space, and luxury.

Oh, and the video, what my poor hypnotic ‘victims’ will do, look into my big blue eyes, and do everything I tell them lol


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