I’ve got the job application bug!

Its ironic, isnt it? I go all these years (oh fine, 5) without seriously applying for jobs, then I clock up the second attempt at a new one, within a few months. Who knows, but at my age, I wont hold my breath.

Funny thing is, this would suit me nicely, as it would be working from home, which wouldnt cut down the hours, but would cut out all that commuting, and the respective costs. Its pretty much a role that would suit me down to the ground, as its pretty much data work, and customer relations stuff, within the sports betting industry, so… and all at a wage, pretty much matching what I’m getting now, but without the travel expenses, and perhaps more critically at my age, the time related to all that travelling.

No, I’m not telling you where, the less opposition the better! 😉

So fine, I wont get it! 😛 It would make a nice present for the New Year though, to go with the new look I’ll be getting! Or the new Jean Harlow look, anyway! Well yes, Christmas first, which will be fun, even if I only actually get 1 day off over the Festive period.

OK, here’s a sneak preview of me waking up on Christmas Day lol

getting out of bed

Working tomorrow, and Wednesday, day off Tuesday, so yes, one more blog before the big day. Important thing to remember, the true meaning of Christmas, just saying.

The video, well, this event happened 100 years ago Thursday, or so we’re told. So yes, it could only be Paul McCartney

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